My Core Competency Crusade l

After my Traumatic; Brain Injury,  I went: back to high school, where I excelled in Biology and English. 

In my undergraduate studies, I chiefly pursued Biology.  Feeling drawn to Business generally SMS'd sticks specifically, Social Sciences were a Minor pursuit. Psychology, Sociology, History (study) English composition, Economics (Micro and Macro)  were taken. 

Then while completing a post-collegiate unpaid internship for the Arizona State Laboratory in the administration department, my mother p left a brochure addressed to her for the local branch of the major State University. The campus located nearest out house eas having a 'master's own house.' The camps was having a blowout of their masters programs before transitioning into undergraduate feeder schools for the main campus which was to house all of their graduate programs. 

With dreams of Risky Business, I went about making preparations to get my transcripts transferred, study for and schedule the entrance exam. 

While there, I paid acute attention thi my courses especially the Finance course. Having an eye on future possibilities, I absorbed the course content with alacrity and aptitude 

Being the consummate Dutchman, my frugal nature leads me to live a semi-Spartan existence, skiing all surfeit monies and investing them. Saving and investing are my bailiwick. My Dutch frugality is quite accretive to my investing pursuits. Utilizing my Gen-X/Millennial technological aptitude, I've become Witte adept at navigating there Schwab testing platform 


What was Once Common is Now the Oddity

Today while st the dentist, I purchased some specialty, highly fluoridated toothpaste, and upon leaving, I paid the bill with cash that I'd earned from my middleman role in procuring items from Amazon or i think it's cool paying cash for things, especially knowing that I made surfeit profit by procuring novel items for my housemates that otherwise would have been out of their reach. It brings me joy to 'bend' the rules, even though everyone knows what I do, it's ther wrist kept secret on the house that I don't qq1care--I am Dutch, I can get away with things BECAUSE I'm open about them. I am the quintessential Dutch capitalist, will get anyone anything, for a nominal fee.   Now I'm cycling my fiat cash back into the economy...

Also for lunch, I bought my aunt and myself each a bean and cheese burrito from thr local Federico's Mexican fastfood restaurant. I had ample cash for the food. It'll now cycle through the local economy also...

With people using debit and credit for even the smallest transactions, seems now that cash is scarce. I like it because there is no holding fee.  I cannot in good conscience countenance playing other people for the grace of using my own money, then again, Dutchmen are notoriously frugal. Guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree, even after several generations away from the fatherland. 


Best to be Prepared

This birthday (40), my neighbor, knowing my pessimist nature, gave me many survival stuff. That was quite cool, because the more complex society gets te more tenuous freedom becomes. As a Libertarian-leaning conservative Republican, Liberty is my main aegis..

Back up and Running

 The cable compny fixed the Wi-Fi problem, Saturday.  I found out during dinner and proceeded to Spotify-stream my playlist.  I play tunes during meals.

Price of Energy

 I just completedatransaction for one of my housemtes. I ordered some energy drinks from Amazon, Friday.  They arrived today, Monday.  Money was exchnged for product.  Camaraderie was strengthened.  Win-win-win.