Fires on the Horiozion

Seems amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are beginning to choose sides.  It's starting to get precarious.   Hopefully this doesn't portend WWIII.  All I know is that the world is a tinderbox right now. Society on a razor's edge.


Playing Both Ends against the MiddleMan

I have been tasked with procuring some oatmeal for a roommate by that roommate. In these trying times my role as Dutch middleman garners much value added. In this quarantine era, communication is king. I can get the oatmeal at a discount, and resell it at a profit. The very epitome of a Win-win proposition. And providing this service is a win-win-win. Being a technocrat has its rewards. 


What if Maybe,Just Maybe We are Living in those Halcyon Days Foretold by Futurists Past

Nowadays all that is needed to make any purchase is Wi-Fi, an address, a credit/debit card, and the wherewithal to coordinate them.

Id est, as resident technocrat, I just ordered a couple of pizzas for my roommates and myself.  They supplied the cash, I supplied the underwriting (computer, credit card, aptitude).  Ain't technology grand.


The Price of Convenience

Today the delivery of my roommate's oatmeal arrived.  Sure I charged more than the listed price, but as the technocrat, I'm offering him the service, but it wasn't much and in the age of COVID-19, where no one's getting out, there are few other options.  Take it or leave it.


Things are about to get Dire

When the slack in the economy has been used up, the economy will take a hit from COVID-19. And then the ripple effects will be like that of a concussion grenade. I hope by some stroke of providence that I am proved wrong.  What's that old Chinese curse?  May you live in interesting times.  How apt for our current epoch,  Just hope we live THROUGH these interesting times.