And Then There Were Three

My housemate bought from through me and my technocratic prowess a 2 pack of really nice, matte black PPE masks.  He generously gave me his spare.

My aunt has given me 2 surgical masks. 

Do now I can wear a different mask each day of a long weekend. 


Exploring My Web Capabilities (Synergies)

I've been checking out my shipping benefits with the internet Vis-a-vis as my supplier for my roommates and their commercial proclivities. And I've also automated my protien powder order (5%of in addition to my 5% discount with my Red Card).


Gremlins Attack

Once again the Wi-Fi Gremlins strike. We shall be required to get a new router. 


And Another One Gone

My aunt's hair dressers husband died from three COVID yesterday. 


Signs that the Lockdown End is Nigh

Tonight for dinner, I had to dig into my safety surfeit food supply. I ate the last of my protein bars. I do, however, have one Jack's Links beef stick left for emergency. 

The end of the shortages must be nigh, for I'm st the end of my reserve food supply.

All's well that ends well. My housemate called his wife. She brought over chicken from popeyes. We ate well.