Recently, maybe over the last few days, maybe more, maybe less, my mind has been drifting off onto an ad hoc poem, much like a mind virus.  My credo as a Lazy Middle-Class Intellectual:

Whatever works,
Whatever's better
Whatever saves,
Whatever's clever.

I think it typifies my newfound attitude (circa 2010 to now). It encompasses my laissez-faire attitude inculcated from business school, esp. FIN 502 (the investing course) and the Deming principle of kaizen (continual improvement).  Yes, I am a business school nerd; adapting a phrase my undergrad Physics professor would use: To me there are really only two things in his world, finance (Physics) and filling in coloring books (or paper folding, or scrapbooking), whatever the actual term is pretty trivial.  Wow, I suppose that's why they mean what 'they' mean when they say something is academic.  Mind blown.

I took some rhetorical licence as I am wont to do, because I only ever remember ~3/4 of what I hear, read, or see the first time; I just fill in the fringes with the copious prior knowledge, gleaned from my extensive curricular journey, 21 years in toto, excluding hospital, rehab and internship time, but including the time spent reintegrating into high school by taking non-accelerated classes and when I switched major, tried business and politics for a while, but ultimately returned to pursuing Biology, English (writing) and all the things with which she blinded Thomas Dolby. Id est, Science <>

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