Winds of change

So what now hoop earrings are 'cultural appropriation?'  I distinctly remember a time when imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.  I would imitate my friends, they'd reciprocate.  If it were done in mockery, then I could see the disdain and derision.  But it's not, it's merely meant to accentuate the neck.  Unless a culture grows and adapts, it dies, relegated to the dustbin of history, only to be found in high school history text books, and unless those aspects of culture are adopted by more of the moderns, they are gone with the zeitgeist.


  1. There is cultural pride, and pride in general, at work here. What good can be said of pride?

    1. Pride cometh before the fall? It seems to me that the state of cultural pride occurs at the peak of cultural health, and then it transitions into a fall, a nadir, and then the climb out of th swamp as it were.

    2. It seems to me after nearly three quarters of a century of living that we do not have enough pride today. Pride in our accomplishments, pride in our country, pride in our being. Without something to be proud of I think humans fall back to false pride and that is when we find we get ridiculed for making tacos and other nonsense of the same ilk.

    3. That's cuz the Left focuses so narrowly only on our shortcomings. They're only happy being unhappy and in tearing down others, i.e. America. They don't value the liberty that America has won for so many for so many years. They would rather be taken care of than decide their own fate.


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