Roiling in Iran

At the minute, there are riots on the streets of Tehran, could this be the counter swing from the revolt in '79?  Dunno...  I learned of Trump's leadership style in business school: he's a transformational leader not yet transactional; ala, Gregory Peck's character, Sgt. Frank Savage in the movie 'Twelve O'clock High'.  We watched it to compare and contrast differential leadership styles.  I think this may portend good things in the future. This all could be coincidental, but the timing is mighty suspect.  One incidence is a point, two define a line, more than three suggest a trend.  I'm hearing in the aether that the Iranian people are't that sanguine on their leadership, honestly it's just my patronage of  podcasts.  Its my only news outlet in this place; however it was corroborated when I was glancing at newspaper headlines.


Like a bolt out of the blue

Today,this afternoon, mere moments ago, the house took a sojourn to the local amusement park, Castles ~n~ Coasters.  It's northwest Phoenix's local put-put and arcadia venue.

Harkening back to a previous post where I discussed getting an invitation to my 20-year high school class reunion (to be held this upcoming March), where I openly wondered whether we (the royal we) were really that old.  Jury's still out, but what I can confirm is that the generations subsequent to the X (millennials, Gen-Z, the Alphas(?)), really are that young.

Crazy thing is I remember being one of those scurrying youths, going from game to game like a juvenile who snuck into some Turkish bazaar with its unending tables of foreign treats, once upon a time; however, injury, rehabilitation, subsequent educational matriculation, have overwritten those memories, or at least made them hazy as Chronos is wont to do.

I presume that much of that jolt is resultant of the fact that I was isolated for so long; in the hospital everyone, Drs, nurses, et al. were much older than me; when I went back to school, my peer group was roughly the same age as me (sure, I was ~2 years older); college some older, some equivalently aged, most younger, then I took only a one-year internship-hiatus, when I resumed my curricular pursuits in business school, my peerage group was indubitably more mature, much older and curricularly-minded.  I had been sheltered in an aging cohort, not ever realizing the aging process, when all the faces that I would see were aging with me day-by-arduous day.

Alas that bolt out of the blue acted as a much needed bracer, or more aptly, a slap across the face of the hysteric, telling me to wake the hell up, sally forth, and get back to my mission. Similar I think to a Raymond James, brokerage house, comercial which cautions: Don't run out of money, before you run out of time.  I could be getting the company wrong, but the point is nevertheless still valid: I don't wish to run out of chances (get too old as choices naturally dwindle [spread out across the event horizon] the further from the origin a branching cladogram branches) before I run out of energy..  Imagine March Madness bracketology only in reverse, I think this may not be an apt analogy (I never really was a sports nut).  But as I age, the field of available women narrows/spreads (fewer and farther between).  I'm not quite sure that I want to be that gray haired old guy chasing significantly younger women (I think they're called either silver foxes or panthers).  As previously stated, jury's still out, but they're leaning toward a negative verdict on the question.

I do believe that I still have fight left in me.  Now all's left is to fall back on my core competency, Creativity and helpful friends to assist me in the capture of that ever-elusive brass ring.  I believe I forgot to reflect on the fact that the ancestral Dutch Stubbornness of my youth has matured concomitantly with the rest of the X-cohort, into a doggedly determined, now undaunted, American Dutchman.  This is not the time to be like some Randian Atlas and simply shrug off my desires, duties and goals for some ignoble quiessence.  I do not ask, 'Who is John Galt?' As the Bard wrote, 'Once more unto the breach dear friends...' Id est, now is not the time to concede the fight.  No rest for the weary.  Like the Christmas song 'Baby it's Cold Outside' proclaims, 'At least I'm gonna say that I tried.'  And try, I will.


Happy New Year/ Auld lang syne

It seems that 2017 haas bee a planing/rebuilding year (at least for me).  Hopefully, the new year is more fortuitous/benevolent/auspicious. 

To me, life is like a sinusoidal, or cosinusoidal, graph.  I guess it all depends on from where you start the function.  That, while not completely analogous, reminds me of that old quip about happy endings; id est, if you want a happy ending, it merely matters where you choose to stop the story.  Choices include, the acme of action, where the possible paths are endless, or the nadir of the action, where the options are still open although darkened by the umber of doubt resultant of defeat and malaize.

That umber is very reminiscent of Psalm 23 v. 4.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.  It's quite comforting to think that I've come through my own dark valley, that I've come this far; so, might as well sally forth to take on whatever challenges this way may come.

So in that spirit; I'd like to wish everyone a happy New Year and a propitious 2018.


Merry Christmas

Amazingly, I got all of my shopping done early.  Thank you Bezos, Amazon is a timesaver/energy economizer; after all, E=mc^2 is also the formula describing the expansion of the universe, id est, time.  Especially useful for out of town family, when time is a palpable constraint.  Fundamentally, I am a Lazy Middle-class Intellectual; id est, I like force multipliers that reduce the energetic requirements to do something.  Enjoy synergies and getting the biggest bang for the energy that I allocate to a task.


Milestone or more precisely 'kilo'meterstone

Looks like I've crossed over the 1000 pageviews demarcation.  Thing that I'm most proud of is that I did it in less than a calendar quarter. How's that for metrics? October 12, when I set up the site/blog/bought the domain until today, December 20.  Thing is I am unlikely to stop anytime soon; I still have more to empty from my mind into the aether. Communing with the Cloud is amazingly cathartic. We are, after all, ankles-deep into the 21st Century (so much more about which to write), and I will strive to be the prototypical digital boy, with some neoclassical flair at the tail of the X, for the foreseeable future; id est, I find it therapeutic to coelate my thoughts and examine my intentions, posting every few days, more if events dictate, much like Doogie Howser, M.D., but with indubitably more style and loads less acne.  And away we go...


Same as it ever was

While doing a little research, OK I was just exploring the Internet, I discovered that I'm not 'truly' of my beloved Gen-X.  But as Don Adams would say on Get Smart: Missed it by That much (emphasis verbatim).   The agreed upon birth cut-off year is a year prior to my birth.  But I do fall within an agreed upon intergenerational (quarter-generational) overlap grouping called the X-ennials.  Stop me if you've read something like this before; we are not quite X, but we don't ascribe ourselves to the Millennial-Y.  Id est, we fall somewhere on the tail of the X  I'm still going to post as a fully-vested, card-carrying member of Gen-X, for as Descartes quipped, 'I think, therefore, I am.'  That is translated, because I'm an American-born Dutchman.  I am in no way Francophonic; not that there's anything wrong with that...  Just being completely transparent and above-board; don't want to get entangled in any gnarly web or ensnared in some insipid 'net.'  Harkening back to the title of this post, things like this only come round 'Once in a Lifetime.'  I'm still determined to not 'let the days go by.'


Fait accompli

I just purchased 2 tickets to my 20 year high school reunion (I can't believe I'm that old either), but because I cannot print from this computer, I forwarded the ticket email with attached PDF to my aunt, and she's agreed to be my print shop.  Easy peasy, there's always a way.  Just have to get a little creative; incidentally, that's where I shine.  I am a 21st Century Digital Boy, only I do know how to read.

I took an I.Q. test a while back, it found that I am very competent on verbal and general knowledge-type things.  That's life; language and wit.  Everything else can be faked to a large part.  In the words of Robert van Winkle (Vanilla Ice): If you got a problem, yo I'll solve it.


Scenes of confusion (updated)

This evening at my house one of my roommates came up behind me and hugged me as I was exiting the restroom.  This caused me to collapse backwards, she recoiled and hit her head on an ogee or a wall corner.  Resultant of this, she began spurting blood out of the gash.

Eventually, the bleeding was mostly contained.

When the paramedics took her away, she was as cogent as she ever is, which is quite good portends.

I will blog the outcome of today's events as they unfold.

We're going to go pick her up from the hospital later.

The night guy picked her up on his way in,  although a little shook up, she seems to be doing well

Time flying, are WE REALLY that old?

The other day, yesterday"?" maybe earlier I'm not sure, a classmate from way back; elementary, middle, high school inquired as to whether I'd be attending our, my orginal, high school 20 year class reunion.  I was of two minds, since I didn't graduate with that class.  But, hey, since I matriculated with the class of '98 for 10 years, I figure I might as well go.  What's the harm?  Two roads diverged in the woods... Can ya dig it?

I tapped a church buddy to go with me.  Sure, he's 5 years younger, but he gets all the references and is more of the X-generation than any other.  Hearkening back to a reference from a little earlier in the X, I thought ala Joey Ramone, 'hey, ho, let's go.'

I missed my 10-year, my mom had just learned of a cancer diagnosis and I was nose deep in business school and my own brain injury issues as a backdrop.  I'm determined not to let any more life simply slip by down the river like today's Tom Sawyer or some Huck Finn fishing by Rush's infamous river. I must then, in Thomas's words, 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light.'

Anyways, now that I got the time, it would be almost criminal not to put it to good use.  What's the old adage, 'leave no stone unturned?' 'Carpe diem,' or in Setzer's words 'You only go 'round once on this big swinging planet of love,' or in millennial speak 'YOLO?'

Time to make hay while the sun shines, I will Carpe some diem.  I fully intend to purchase the tickets forthwith, tomorrow, if not sooner.


A :Little Walkabout

This afternoon/evening, my house took a stroll to the neighborhood Circle K, just to get out of the house.  I got a blueberry slushie/slurpee/frosty (I fail to remember the precise branded name, but you get the gist).  Anyhoo, we then went to the park down the street from my house and consumed mass quantities.

Most walked, myself and one roommate drove our power chairs.  There was nary a problem, it was really quite natural; easy peasy.