Milestone or more precisely 'kilo'meterstone

Looks like I've crossed over the 1000 pageviews demarcation.  Thing that I'm most proud of is that I did it in less than a calendar quarter. How's that for metrics? October 12, when I set up the site/blog/bought the domain until today, December 20.  Thing is I am unlikely to stop anytime soon; I still have more to empty from my mind into the aether. Communing with the Cloud is amazingly cathartic. We are, after all, ankles-deep into the 21st Century (so much more about which to write), and I will strive to be the prototypical digital boy, with some neoclassical flair at the tail of the X, for the foreseeable future; id est, I find it therapeutic to coelate my thoughts and examine my intentions, posting every few days, more if events dictate, much like Doogie Howser, M.D., but with indubitably more style and loads less acne.  And away we go...

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