Same as it ever was

While doing a little research, OK I was just exploring the Internet, I discovered that I'm not 'truly' of my beloved Gen-X.  But as Don Adams would say on Get Smart: Missed it by That much (emphasis verbatim).   The agreed upon birth cut-off year is a year prior to my birth.  But I do fall within an agreed upon intergenerational (quarter-generational) overlap grouping called the X-ennials.  Stop me if you've read something like this before; we are not quite X, but we don't ascribe ourselves to the Millennial-Y.  Id est, we fall somewhere on the tail of the X  I'm still going to post as a fully-vested, card-carrying member of Gen-X, for as Descartes quipped, 'I think, therefore, I am.'  That is translated, because I'm an American-born Dutchman.  I am in no way Francophonic; not that there's anything wrong with that...  Just being completely transparent and above-board; don't want to get entangled in any gnarly web or ensnared in some insipid 'net.'  Harkening back to the title of this post, things like this only come round 'Once in a Lifetime.'  I'm still determined to not 'let the days go by.'

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