Life, the Universe, and Everything

I'm kind of rudderless; id est, everything I have wanted since I can remember, now seems so faraway or impossible to attain; however, that will not stop me from trying to achieve those ends.  After all, what's that old stand-up routine: guess what happened on the way to the forum...?

Credit for the title: Douglass Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Cha, ch, ch, changes. The more things change, the more they echo the past

Ever since Monday after Thanksgiving (2017), I've been growing, or more aptly re- growing my mustache. I grew one when I went back to high school, shaved it off before college, grew one sophomore year, shaved it off before business school, grew one third semester,  shaved it off when my mom got sick.  I'm pretty certain that this time it's here to stay,  at least for now. Why do I grow a mustache, when while growing up I always thought my dad's was hokey.  But I guess generic propensity finally won the day. I guess 'tis true, you can't fight your genome.. Shit, now I'm a proud mustachioed American Dutchman...Ala Seinfeld, 'It's thick, it's real and it's spectacular.   I ponder, 'why not?'


Victim of the season

Since Wednesday, I've been battling what I can only conclude is influenza.

I will write more as health and inspiration ductate.


Reunited and it felt better than I thought it would

Saturday 3/3/2018, my church buddy and I went to my 20 year high school reunion.  It was fun to see the panoply of my old schoolmates.

One thing struck me boy had they gotten old  After all, 20 years apart the slow, gradual aging process is inevitable.  But all at once, the whole 100+, it is a shock.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease that I fit in and was recognized.  One cool thing is that a former teacher whom helped judge some of my debate tournaments, I remember having dark hair came up to me and shook hands.  Good guy.  It was much like the transformation of Gandalf the Gray into Gandalf the White, stark.  It hit me, we are all quite old.

There was music, pasta and friends.  However, the music genera was pop, and ever since I started middle school, I haven't been into pop music, id est, I knew scant few of the melodies (being generous) coming from the main staging area.

But my buddy and I did have fun.  Worth the price of admission.  Good time, looking forward to the 30 year, but not rushing it.  Looking forward to making accomplishments in the mean time.