X-Perspective: Directed Human Evolution is Inevidble

As a precept of Darwin's theory of evolution, it is presupposed that animals will breed up to the limits of their habitat/ resources/ predator pressures.  Given that the human animal is the apex predator; per Star Wars, episode 1, there is .no bigger fish. We use or comparatively massive brains and tribal cooperation to out-compete all rivals.

Another leg in the stool of evolution. natural selection, is less restrictive with the Internet and global travel/migration. However, the most abundant 'fit' genes will still win the popularity contest.

Having wrested the reins of selection from nature, man will start selecting for more universally desirable traits. Boom, evolution; however in a more directed form.

Ir's a basic tenet of the evolutionary process that it's a gene race, id est, the ones that get there first, get propagated more frequently and the slower genes atrophy, and die.

This parallels organisms and genetic populations as a whole.


X-Perspectives: Eventually it Happens to Everyone

During our group of homes bi-weekly gathering for crafts and other enrichment activities today (Thursday),  one person was missing.  He had died enroute the crafts center.

The real kicker is that from the scuttlebutt, it sounds as though he was in his mid-thirties.  I'm in my mid-thirties!

RIP Mike


X-Persprctive: Every Ending Elicits A New Beginning

Floating down the timeline of life, ala innertubing down the Salt river, as my mom. my neighbors, and myself were wont to do during my childhood summers, something occurred to me: we utilize everything,  past successes, past failures, all capital, all reserve cash, all energy, all relationships in preparation for future endeavors. Past truly is prologue.  And that really is quite hopeful to me. I now realize that all efforts are accretive more than discrete scenes from some choose your own adventure paperback book with all the plot points thrown in a bag, like so many scrabble tiles.  Id est, much like the second law of thermodynamics, experiences can be neither created nor destroyed, the flow of the stream can only be diverted, tacked subtly to one embankment or the other. Life's experiences really are quite bomodal, in a Yoda-esque sense, either do or do not, there is no try.  Every trial is incorporated into the final product.  And that is quite reassuring, that everything I do, even the brainstorming will be additive to my "mission, quest, thing." Just to quote one of Tolkien's hobbits.


X-Perspective: Coincidences just don't happen...or do they?

Over the past while, I've been noticing that commentators have been noticing something in the aether
Mike Cernovich talks of energy shift, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame prognosticates the coming Golden Age, where we realize that all our issues are psychological, id est, our limitless potential for problem solving.  Enter Donald Trump, who won the both the Primary and General elections by utilizing unorthodox procedures. During that interval, apropos of nothing, I wrote a coupe of missives: Ch-cha-changes and Familiar Feelings.  Both point to a brighter future in the zeitgeist.  And there's always the power of positive thinking thing.  If you believe it, you can achieve it.  Good portends in the future, methinks.


X-Persprctive: Why We Err

After intense meditation and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that we make mistakes, to allow us the ability to act creativity.

When everything goes according to plan, which is less likely than everything goes amok. There are infinite ways things cab go awry, but less than an infinite way to get hings right.

Thus, every mistake offers people different ways of doing things; sure, they may be technically wrong, but in a pinch, sometimes wrong is better than nothing.  Of course, less wrong is always better.

Protocols are good to follow, but sometimes ad hoc processes are the order of the day.

X-Perspective: Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today

My church is changing the internet system that they will be using to collect tithes.

I had intended to stay after church tomorrow, and have some of the people at the church help me migrate my tithing to the new platform.

But then I got to thinking, 'I'm a Gen-X'er  for Christ's sake (pun intended), I should be computer/internet savvy enough to do this on my own; so, I shouldn't need  assistance from the antediluvian crowd (again, pun intended).

And lo and behold, I didn't need help. The system allowed me to use my debit card, instead of a check. After all they both draw from the same pool of money.  And this IS the 21st century.  And I AM a 21st century digital boy.  The debit route just seems less cumbersome, and we all remember that mantra of the Lazy Middle-class Intellectual (of which I am a card carrying member): KISS (keep it simple stupid). Simple is better.

Never put off 'til tomorrow, what you can do today. Or better yet, right now, in the ever-flowing stream of consciousness. Life on a string, baby.


X-Perspective: Changes in the format

Henceforth,I'm going to let my political philoosophy (conservative Libertarian Republican) bleed through. I'll write very stream of consciousness.


X-Perspective:On Syria Chemical Conundrum ...

Chemical weapons hearken to thoughts & stories of WWII,where the Axis powers, chiefly the Germans utilized chemical strategies to try to win the war..Hitler (Germany) gassed the handicapped, Jews, other minorities, collectively thought of as undesirable.

As a gen-X'er, I was born under the chill of the Cold War; however, my birth was near the end, but still the mindset remains.

War, as a general precept, is hell; no one 'wins'  wars, they only endure them.  Whomever is the last man standing is declared the winner. But what have they really won?

Now, with what I know: Syrian gas attack perpetrated by unknown attackers; very well could have been Assad, but what I'm hearing is that it was probably the rebels.

The airstrike, by Trump, on Syria could be beneficial for a number of reasons.
Unfortunately, the world needs a strong America..
Without a clear show of strength, ancillary actors run amok.
Russia needed to be kept in check..Syria as a subordinate proxy state of Russia was a ready made vector to that end.

Ultimately, jury's still out.  In this 24-hour news, speed of thought internet information access, we must be ever cognizant of knee-jerk opinions.


Familiar feelings a-brewing

Recently a sense of ennui has crept over me.Now this usually occurs just my life before I make a quantum leap in life; id est, a paradigm shift feels in the offing.  After all, that's the point of most experiences; preparation for things to come.  College was my launch into grad school, apropos of nothing.  Id est, they were different fields of study.

Most endeavors are primers for future endeavors (at least in youth/young adulthood).  Much as in a career. You have your childhood summer jobs, your first job, the centrality of a career,late stage career, and maybe a reboot if retirement is too boring.

Well, positing in my youth that it would behoove me to concentrate on doing well in school, I bypassed the summer jobs-route.  After my injury in the summers that followed my junior and senior high school years, I would take one course per session at the local community college, trying to regain time lost during hospitalization/rehabilitation stints.

It also staved off ennui and the inevitable summer slump, where knowledge is lost from laziness.
I didn't do well with idle time.

Back to something more in-keeping with the title of this post, whenever I had idle time was a harbinger of a change.   Id est, that old familiar feeling of inflection has returned.  I feel the itch.

Hopefully it foreshadows good portends and not some dire downfall.  But that happen less with boredom, and more with cockiness when I let arrogance creep into my character.