X-Perspective:On Syria Chemical Conundrum ...

Chemical weapons hearken to thoughts & stories of WWII,where the Axis powers, chiefly the Germans utilized chemical strategies to try to win the war..Hitler (Germany) gassed the handicapped, Jews, other minorities, collectively thought of as undesirable.

As a gen-X'er, I was born under the chill of the Cold War; however, my birth was near the end, but still the mindset remains.

War, as a general precept, is hell; no one 'wins'  wars, they only endure them.  Whomever is the last man standing is declared the winner. But what have they really won?

Now, with what I know: Syrian gas attack perpetrated by unknown attackers; very well could have been Assad, but what I'm hearing is that it was probably the rebels.

The airstrike, by Trump, on Syria could be beneficial for a number of reasons.
Unfortunately, the world needs a strong America..
Without a clear show of strength, ancillary actors run amok.
Russia needed to be kept in check..Syria as a subordinate proxy state of Russia was a ready made vector to that end.

Ultimately, jury's still out.  In this 24-hour news, speed of thought internet information access, we must be ever cognizant of knee-jerk opinions.

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