X-Perspective: On MBA Heemstra, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love my mustache

James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin, et al. discovered the DNA process for replication, offering a methodology for Darwin's theory of evolution.

In my youth, my dad always wore a big, thick mustache.  I always told myself that I'd always be clean shaven. Well, that went on fine until after my injury when I went bacbrrk to high school and later in college where I'd grow finals beards.

I always thought that the simple mustache was kind of hokey, but beards cause my face  to break out.  However, being an American Dutchman, my mustache grows very quickly, my college brother noted that my mustache would show its shadow by like 3 o'clock afternoon.

The Monday after Thanksgiving 2017, i started to grow the latest iteration of my mustache.  In a Seinfeld sense: it's thick,it's bushy, it's spectacular.  Ala Justin Timberlake, I'm bringing hirsute back. Hopefully, I'll start a trend.  Nonetheless, I've come to the realization that I can't fight my genetics; so, I just stopped worrying and learned to love my mustache.  Ala Travis Tritt,' I think I'll grow me a fu manchu.


  1. What's a finals beard?

    1. A finals beard I assume, is when you are too focused on examine finals to care about your personal grooming including shaving.

  2. Indeed, for some it eliminates the distraction of grooming, but for me, it just brought me luck and camaraderie with my fellow classmates. Mostly, it's superstitution.


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