X-Perspective: Rationale for My Slightly Unorthodox Diet, a Tale of Two Cities

I saw the other day on a YouTube podcast, Mike Cernovich comment that the food pyramid was flip-turned upside-down.  Id est, when the pyramid was first conceptualized/published (1974), the populace was still largely agrarian/industrial/ physically intensive, carbohydrate energy was readily burned.

As is I'm sure the case with most  of my X'er cohort, my metabolism has somewhat ebbed.  I've noticed this past day that I musts adopt a somewhat Adkins-esque dietary restrictions.

From my biology background, I've discovered that carbs burn quick, a use it or store it proposition. Once upon a time our animal ancestors, needed the stored energy to hibernate, etc.  And over the generations the genetic artifact remains

Lipids (fats, oils) have a triglyceride (3 sugar molecules) backbone and 3 fatty acid chains.

Fatty acid molecules actually contain much more energy per molar unit than do carbohydrates, but lipids burn slower, molecules cleaved and burned as needed.

Flowing from my above tenets, I eat mostly meats and cheeses, with the occasional carbohydrate to keep the food flowing down the alimentary canal.  My carbohydrate dujour is high fructose corn syrup found in my nightly can of Coca-cola.

Full Disclosure: I'm a little biased, for I own s few shares of Coke (KO) stock.

I have some idea that my protocol works for I'm not the youngest guy in the house, but I am the thinnest.

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  1. Lucky you. I've gained ten pounds in the last year, despite that I pedal off hundreds of calories almost every day.


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