A Leopard Changes His Stripes

It is summertime, time fro a wardrobe update.
I think I'll embrace my Libertarian leanings and start wearing zany clothing. Plaids will be juxtaposed with stripes. Polka dots and paisleys mixed.  Hawaiian shirts and golf pants/board shorts ala Magnum P.I.  But, ala Tom Selleck, I do wear a mustache; however,  i sport a fu Manchu like Sam Elliott not a chevron like Tom Selleck's Thomas Magnum. Ala Nirvana's motto: Oh well,whatever, nevermind.

Colors of clothing will be selected for maximum impact.  Like MTV's Real World once claimed: it's just what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.  After all we only go around once on this big spinning planet of love.

Time to embrace the chaos.  Ala Sellers' Strangelove, it's time I stop worrying what others may think and learn to love the chaos.  After all, randomness is the most sustainable, durable pattern. Either go with the flow or get trampled by the herd. I opt to chart an individualistic course, as is my Libertarian wont and ethos.

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