:Per the Meat Puppets, I'm taking it to the next Plateau

Well Thursday, I made a quantum leap with my weight training routine.  Heretofore, I'd not been pushing myself and had been only chest pressing 75-lbs for like 3 sets of 25 reps.  But that day, I stepped it up to a set of 10 reps at 100-lbs and a set of 15 reps at that same 100-lbs

Right from the outset, I knew I'd be stepping it up.  Two sets of 50 at 200-lbs on the leg press.Two sets of 25 at 30-lbs on the crunchboard

That regiment is sufficient to use up my allotted workout time thrice weekly.
Per the Tempe college band Meat Puppets:

Nothing on top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds,
     There's a lot up there,
     But don't be scared,
     Who needs action when you've got words.

I've been accused of being both indecisive and lugubriously locacous.  I plead guilty on both counts. The former, ala Jason Mraz, I'm trying to remedy; the latter, I wholeheartedly embrace.

I think I'll increase reps, while maintaining weight.

Also quite similar to when I took Weightlifting as my and then independent study in college, I initially lost weight (presumably from loss of adipose), but then I've been, ever so slightly, gaining weight (quite assuredly from slight muscle hypertrophy).

I maintained that schemata at my Saturday workout.

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  1. Highly impressive. I've been a gym rat for about a year and a quarter, but don't do bench presses. I can't say i thought you would be capable. I beg your pardon.


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