X-Perspective: On Cultural Appropriation

"Don't hate, appreciate "

In high school, I took Japaneseas as my foreign language, not because I secretly despine the Nihonjin, far from it.  I'm actually trying to style my moustache in a Western, Country=Rock variant of the fu Manchu, ala Sam Elliott or Freddie Mercury or an intermediate form, which as its name would imply has its roots in China.  Guilty as charged; I love the Japanese, a derivation of the China-archetype.  Oops, whatever.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, if its not mocking, its all to the good.

Everyone appropriates everything at every moment  All the more true in these highly connected, uber global, constant communication times  According to Canada's Bare Naked Ladies, 'It's all been done before.'  Pop culture, rock and roll, media, et cetera are widely adopted by non-U.S. entities.  We're social organisms. America takes the best of the world, adopts it, adapts it to her needs, then disemanates it.   That reminds me, the Internet.  "World, 'you're welcome,'" he said with a wink, a wry grin, and a slight nod.

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  1. Culture is not property, any more than numbers are property, ref. the idiot math teacher in my early years of college who claimed the West "stole" the mathematical concept of zero from the Arabs.


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