Per Bob Frost, taking the lesser trod path

Before my injury, resultant of a car accident, I was a good student (took the PSAT as a Sophomore cold (no prep) and would've been eligible for college scholarships for my score, were I to have taken it as a Junior..  After my hospital stay, following my Traumatic Brain Injury, I opted to return to school to finish my last two years of classes (took me three, including the reintegration year).

Before my physical rehab was completely finished, I resummed high school, but since the diligent rote knowledge portion of my inculcation was behind me, I started with media productions, taught by my former (pre-injury) Speech teacher, who was also my debate coach.  Mostly I used my creative computer skills to concoct whimsical and interesting morning announcements textual verbiage, while also doing the core class projects.

But that soon wore thin, and I added high school Physics on to my regimen. I took it from my chess coach (pre-injury).  Because I've always been sort of a science nerd, I did well. However, at the high school level, I couldn't handle AP Physics (too much complicated math).  I'd have to save that joy for college.

While still in high school, my last two summers, I took English 101 from my freshman high school teacher) through the local community college via email correspondence.  And then I took ENG 102 at the college the next year.

Thing is, I could've taken the GED cold, and pass.  However knowing that colleges apprise rigor, fortitude, the ability to endure as much as raw intellect, I returned to school.

And in Frost-like manner, 'that has made all the difference.'


My intended itinerary for next Saturday

I shall work out per usual.

I shall go to the Target store and pick up m-n-ms per usual.

I shall go to Warby Parker (Scottsdale) to try out new foksrames and order new glasses.  Now that I have my prescription, that is possible.

I shall go to Verizon (Glendale) to get a new phone.  I was charging my old phone and accidentally knocked it on the floor.  It now has big black vacancies (looks like the La Brea tar pits).  Quite inoperable..

In the Words of Yogi, "'Twas Deja' Vu, All Over Again.," or It's All Been Done Beforeee

Today a roommate and I took a sojourn to 'a day ihe country,' a bucolic event held by We're Moving Forward (the neurologically injured activity group). It was fun; however, it revisited activities I'd done previously,on account of the fact that I'd been there before.  It was old hat.  Fun to see old friends.  But in the end ,I made the same vow that I vowed about Camp Can Do.  Id est, "Never again." Cost benefit analyses are all left wanting of a positive result.  Echoing the words of a BareNaked Ladies song: It's All Been Done Before.   fully hold to the premise that fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  In the words of Pete Townshend (the Who), "Won't get fooled again."