In the Words of Yogi, "'Twas Deja' Vu, All Over Again.," or It's All Been Done Beforeee

Today a roommate and I took a sojourn to 'a day ihe country,' a bucolic event held by We're Moving Forward (the neurologically injured activity group). It was fun; however, it revisited activities I'd done previously,on account of the fact that I'd been there before.  It was old hat.  Fun to see old friends.  But in the end ,I made the same vow that I vowed about Camp Can Do.  Id est, "Never again." Cost benefit analyses are all left wanting of a positive result.  Echoing the words of a BareNaked Ladies song: It's All Been Done Before.   fully hold to the premise that fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  In the words of Pete Townshend (the Who), "Won't get fooled again."

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