Yet Another Case of Tail Wagging the Doglly

In my youth, before my injury, before college, before my mustache, I always thought leggings on ladies looked a little declasse.  Even when my research told me that Dutchmen (I'm 75% Netherland Dutch and 25% German Deutsche) have a fondness for women in leggings, I was leery.  However since I've decided that my signature affectation will be a really classy cowboy mustache, ala Sam Elliott which I also found declasse in my youth, women in leggings, spandex, lycra have a newfound appeal to me that heretofore I did not have.  I believe that my Dutchstache brought it out in me, or is this  proof-positive of the  theory that as one ages, genetics play an ever increasing role.  Yet one more argument for nature vs. nurture.

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