Back to the Drawing Board(s) (If at First You Don't Succeed...)

It so happens that the establishment where the speed dating event was to occur was shut down sometime between when I paid for the ticket and when the event was to occur (this evening). There was an eviction notice on the front door.  Sure I'm uut a few bucks, but ultimately undeterred.  There are other locations.  After all, I am a proudly stubborn American Dutchman.


It All Goes Down One Week Hence (preparation meets possibility)

itIf I can make all go according to script, I shall be speed dating in the evening.  I believe that I have constructed this Rube Goldberg machine with enough free space to allow me to get in a good weightlifting session in the fallow morning hours.

I had the inspiration (check)
Did my Googling (check)
Coordinated transportation (Right-Hand-Man check)
Purchased ticket (Debit Card check)
Have been thinking and praying about it (check)

I always feel better after 'throwing them around a little' (  Gets my blood flowing (oxygenation helps me think clearer, faster); should auger well for the evening's events.

Doing this all on my own, I hope this will be accretive to my life.  It is, i daresay, empowering.


Love it When a Plan Bears Fruit (Synergies Abound)

A while back, I subscribed to Amazon Prime for the TV. I chose it over Netflix, because I would also get shopping perks with Amazon's shopping website. A few days ago, a housemate was wondering where he could find a niche, somewhat obscure, board game.  I opined that I could check on the internet, I was certain that I would find it with all alacrity. After lunch we looked it up, found it, I ordered it. Itold him there'd be a markup (niche order). It arrived yesterday, i delivered his offer. He paid me today. Good deal all around, he got what he wanted, strengthened our friendship, and I wet my beak in the process. Win-win-win. 


Next piece of the puzzle fell into place

My aunt just brought over my ticket to the speed dating event.

I picked the day/event.

I coordinated transportation.

Since I have no printer at my house, I emailed the email-attached ticket to my aunt.

Looks like I have all my ducks in a row.

Now all's left is to brainstorm witty 'icebreakers,' I'm pretty confident
my natural aplomb and scattalogical mind shall take it from there.  After all, I was quite the debater on my high school debate team.  Nevertheless, I shall view this as a learning opportunity with definite potential.

Less than a month away, I'm starting to get giddy. but I shall be at the upper end of the age interval. 

I have a very general construct in my mind's-eye, but that could all change when planning hits reality.

Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to this.

Since schooldays have ended,  I've met a paucity of eligible women.  

I'm not a coward, I've just never been tested, if I were, I'd like to think I would pass.  Here's hoping.


Plan Devised, Task Executed, Mission Accomplished

After my Right Hand Man got back to me via SMS this morning, I purchased my ticket to the Speed Dating event.  I go next month.  My ticket was purchased via PayPal which I set up a few years ago when I was living in another city, waiting for the legal issues to settle and move back into my house.


Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

Recently an idea struck me while I was watching TV. I've been brainstorming ways to meet women. Then during an episode of Psych, the two protagonists were speed dating, and it occurred to me that I might want my Right Hand Man to take me to a few.  Phoenix is the fifth (I think) most populous city in the nation; Maricopa county the fastest growing county in America. That makes quite a large and replentishing pond wherein to fish. Nonetheless, it should be fun.


Different Feathers for Different Weathers

The time has come where I am compelled to break out the flannel sheets and electric blanket. 

Sure, sure, the weather may not be too bad for missy people; however, my injury was to my basal ganglia, the part of my brain that controls resting muscle twitch; id est, instead of shivering when I get cold, my muscles clench. But that's why I love AZ.  Only a very few months of cool (not really that cold) weather, yet it's indubitably cold enough for me. 


Back to the Due Diligence

I've decided to redirect my search to more local arenas. I will use my coffee competencies broadly creative research and search engine optimization techniques to try to find a woman with whom to marry and start a family, and restrict my criterion to local women. After all, I reside in (I believe) the fifth largest metropolis in the country (Phoenix metro area) and the fastest growing county in the US (Maricopa). Should be good portends.  As Eric Idle sings with the Monty Python troupe: always look on ther bright side of life. CODA

Schedule Changes Necessitate Concomitant Changes in Routine

This afternoon I did pushups (5 x 50), I don't normally do pushups on Mondays, for it is my ensconced pattern to weightlift on Tuesdays. However tomorrow's Halloween party puts that on the backburner; thus, I adjusted and planned ahead. 


Surprise Early Delivery and Pays to be Mindful

Today upon return from greening my flu shot, a Target package was waiting for me. It arrived early, but hey that's OK. 

On my voyage to get my fly shot,  I dropped my checkbook on the bus, happily I took an inventory before lunch,  and it was easily retrieved. 


The New Paradim

It seems that in these lean times, the hangover from Obama's dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight (Socialism), being reclusive is the order of the day.  In that vein, I just shopped on  I got in the mail from Target a coupon with a promo code to save 5% off an order from  That 5% is on top of my normal 5% courtesy of my Target Red Debit Card.  Ten percent discount is nothing whereat to sneeze.  Free delivery as an added bonus is just gravy on the potatoes.  Now the main impetus to leave the house is to go to the gym for my triweekly weightlifting sessions and of course church.  Deals soothe my Dutch soul.


Fly away, Fly away, Fly away Home

My moustache is finally at the length that I've been trying to grow it.  I thought that I'd have to grow it long enough to be able to tuck it behind my ears to train it, but, it looks good on its own. 


Back to the Blanket of Familiar Routines

I am back to a self-imposed restriction on caffeine. Only going to drink my one daily Coca-cola on the weekends: Friday through Sunday inclusive.

I have previously felt better on that dietary regimen, but just got lazy. With any luck, that will no longer happen.


Once a treatment has achieved its desired effect, STOP TREATMENT

Once you feel a therapy dad is desired affect, it's a good idea to attempt to stop.

This was my modus operandi with ther botox that I'd been using to reduce the contraction of my hand and  leg.

As my muscle tone reduced,  so to did my contractures (clenching spasms). But once I felt my grip strength start to weaken too much, I called full-stop, cold turkey cessation.  That decision, in retrospect, I see as a positive one.

I now mitigate my spasms with weightlifting, stretching, good old fashioned pushups, and protein powder for an added kick.


Stability Finally Reestablished

Today I had my right AFO (articulating leg brace) repaired.  I had been going without a right AFO for awhile.  My right foot s better, at least passale, and the strap rubbed me raw.  But now that it's fixed, I'm much more stale.  Also, that physical stability seeps into my psyche stability.  My outlook is much more rosy.  I feel imbued with confidence.  I guess the song rings true, 'Don't know what you got 'til it's gone.'


Missed an Appointment, Hopefully not a Rendezvous with Destiny

This evening will be my high school class' 20 year reunion; the class wherewith I matriculated for 10 years, not the one I ended up graduating with.   I shall not be attending, even though  I learned of it in plenty of time, just failed to arrange transportation.  But it really isn't that bad--I wish to be more established, in a better brainspace when I undertake that endeavor.  Unlike Ferris Bueller, I'm not at a point where I can just opt to take a 'Day Off.'

Crises Averted, Protocol Emended

Today when I went down to the gym (Ability360), I thought I'd lost my cellphone on the Leg Press machine.  Though I questioned that, for I didn't remember my senses being peked by the sound of my celly falling, but I wasn't entirely certain; I like to think that I'd notice.

When I returned home and went to my room, my housemates were telling me to get my phone.  Whew, crises averted; e.g., getting a new phone, paying Verizon for a new phone (do not like spending money, when I really don't need to). Is set alarms on my phone: WAKE UP, Lunch, Dinner, Bed time. I have a very poor chronological memory, trouble multi-tasking, quite distractible; but I have a very good visual verbal memory (book-learning) All are getting better, but they take effort and precious brainspace.  As such, I rely on my phone for prompting and other schedule-type endeavors.  'We have the technology.'

I started it in Grad school to schedule MBA-concomitant study activities.  But as is the story with many an highly educated individual, the ingrained and ensconced information is readily available, but deviations to set patterns are difficult to cope with.

It would have been a strike at the very foundation of my psyche, my confidence, nevermind the trust of others that would be sullied.  If I cannot care for the portal to my communication, what else am I incapable of overseeing?  I am not yet to the point of asking, "Who is John Galt," Like Sisyphus, I still must push the boulder.


You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party (And to be an Individual)

Breaking out of the groupthink of my current situation requires copious amounts of time and patience and money,  Activities not originating from the house take much  pre-planning to achieve.  Schedules must be synchronized, transportation timed, etcetera.


Next Step, the Saga Continues

Recently (early September) I received a facebook direct message from my buddy of more than 30 years, stating that in about a month we'd be resuming our weightlifting regiment, whereupon I'll follow up on my entreaty that we go out in a quest to search for wives, ala Gondorf and Hooker (the Sting), Butch and Sundance, Chucky and Will Hunting, et al.

I feel now is the time to fish or cut bait, and I'm too young to do the latter.

Echoing Bon Jovi: "...It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever.  I'm just gonna live while I'm alive... It's my life."


Streams of Consciousness (Just Another Manic Monday)

Ever since my graduate school inculcation into investing, which par for most collegiate courses began with a mathematical overview of fixed income instruments.  I have less than no interest in traditional bonds (eg. 30 year Treasuries, Corporate bonds).  But I persisted, and the course got better.

I've instead  become interested in stocks (both foreign and domestic), preferred stocks, baby bonds, bond funds (both foreign and municipal).

Holding common stocks as a foundational base is good.  Foreign stocks, because I'd rather receive income from abroad than the reverse (better to own more of their stuff than they own of yours).  Whenever possible, it's good to reinvest the dividends automatically.  No transaction fees.

Preferred stocks can be called (redeemed) after a certain period of time at a set price (usually $25).  They pay bond-like, constant dividends in the meantime. They don't have ownership voting rights, but that is offset with a larger, more dependable dividend.  The trick to preferred stocks is buying them below the call price, that  way everything you get is gravy.nds directlynds directly

Like preferred stocks, some baby bonds are callable (usually $25)  But unlike preferred stock, baby bonds have maturity dates.

Bond funds offer a basket of bonds with different maturities; so, the maturity risk is mitigated.  Like stocks, if the dividends are reinvested, bond funds can provide a stable foundry to a portfolio.  I diversify my portfolio even further by having both global/international and AZ municipals from multiple companies.

I like to utilize these tools to craft my portfolio.  Ensures that it remains not boring.  I'm nowhere near the 'set it and forget it' stage of my life yet.


Using 'Basic' Arithmetic for Fun and Profits

I just took delivery of my gum order from

I scheduled 4 boxes/month, WAY TO MANY; so, I tried to change it to one box per month. The system wouldn't let me, read no fewer than 2. 

So,  using my hard scrabbled university logic, I set the order to two boxes. However, I set the delivery to every 2 months.  Averages to one per month.   BOOM.

I enjoy besting the machine.


Thank Heaven for little surprises

This morning, my phone hadn't charged fully; so, I plugged it back into the charger, thinking I'd retrieve it after I brushed my teeth. However after brushing my teeth, I simply left to start the day. 

Later at the gym, I did my routine per usual.  On the leg press, my legs are inclined; so, there's always a chance for 'spillage;' that's usually my biggest fear.

Next I had lunch per usual. After lunch, Michelle (caregiver/driver), Old Man (roommate/ nutter) and myself traversed the city (crossing several municipal boundaries).  We made it to my shrink's office.

There, I had a good, cathartic session.  At the end of the session, I went to update my calendar and could not find my phone.  I had forgotten that I'd forgotten to unplug my phone and take it with me.

When I got home and espied my charging phone, 'twas as though a weight had been lifted off my psyche.


Changes in Function Necessitate Changes in Form

Recently my right ankle region has been itching; so, I scratched it.  Big mistake. I broke out with fungus, necessitating antibiotics.  Skipping ahead slightly; for the moment, I'm not wearing my right foot brace. That necessitated a change in footwear; shoe too big, too much excess space.

Today,mere moments ago, my aunt and I went shopping to rectify that predicament.  I ended up getting a less expensive shoe (still looks good) and a belt.  As well, my aunt had a coupon for a discount.-

Not that my previous  belt was too tight, it just lacked room for girthal growth. My new beltest cust employs a braided leather strap, whereas my old belt utilized the belt hole method; much more cookie-cutter, less customizable.

After that, we stopped by Burger King and got a Whopper meal deal.  Why BK when my normal fare when we go out is a bean burrito from Federico's?  Coupons come into play here as well.

All things considered, the coupons won the day.

And I still have my old shoe for when my foot clearslt


Theory of Confrontation

Running low on Raisin Bran, today after my gym visit, Old Man, my Right-Hand Man and myself swung by a Target store enroute to home.  I picked up 4 Giant sized boxes, special of the day, marked 2 for $5, then proceeded to Checkout.

The cashier scanned each of them individually, $4.95 each.  Then channeling Pete Townshend, I thought 'Won't Get Fooled Again.'  I typically suffer no fool gladly.  Now was the time for me to make my metamorphosis into my alter ego, Stubborn Dutchman.

Thus I just blurted out in my baritone voice, 2 for 5.  I must've said it with enough of an authoritative tone, because there and then, on the spot, no price check, no fuss, no muss, no nothing, she changed each of the boxes to be priced $2.50, I paid with my Target Card for an additional %5 discount. Synergies make my soul smile.

As a stubborn Dutchman with an MBA, rectifying financial errors brings what only can be called a genetic joy to my psyche. I enjoy a good deal, like my mom did, and a win, like everyone does.  I suppose that would make today, thanks to that little vignette, a Win-win.  Tack on another win; I got my cereal. Win^3.


My Inner Dutchman is Actualized

After the Dutch founding of New Amsterdam, which later became New York City, it quickly became a hub for commerce.


In that vein, I just utilized my Amazon Prime membership (initial purpose was to watch TV and movies) to get my roommate a book that he wanted; no shipping and handling, membership has its rewards.  He remarked that he was going to go shopping for the book over the weekend; I plugged it into my Amazon app on my smartphone, bing-bop-click, conferred with him, buy now, it arrived yesterday, he took delivery of it today, he'll pay me tomorrow. And all without me having to leave the house.  Win-win-win.  That's true capitalism, everybody's a winner, or at least comes away happy, otherwise no transaction would occur. No force, no coercion, no government.

Update 8/4/2019:

Tonight I just received payment from my roommate, quite an accretive way of parleying digital money (debit card) into fiat 'walking around' money (cash). And tt strengthened a friendship.  Win-win-win-win.  The exponential power of free enterprise.


Sunday funday (possible paradigms)

Today my long-time (30 years in September) friend and I went to workout at the local gym.  I had a good workout...  Plus there is even a potential that a church buddy, with whom I have ancillarily known even longer (33-34 years) (pretty good friends since college about ten years ago) might be able to give me rides to the gym when he goes.  I recently tested a text number that he gave me a while back, and it worked.  Makes sense, he's not the sort of fellow to go around changing his number willy-nilly; id est, he's quite stoic, unflappable, and resolute.

I have a brain injury, that means I forget some things easily, repetition helps. More frequent resistance exercises would really help my brain remember my muscles, growthem, etcetera.

I weight train with people associated with my house about 3 times per week, my high school buddy usually once a week, and maybe other times with my church buddy would help.

What's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.  Parallels abound.


Use It or Lose It

These past few weeks since I've started not using my splint/ utilizing my left hand more, had seen marked reduction in my tonal spasticity.  I'm minded of the phrase how did you get better at doing anything.  As is Nike's slogan,  'just do it,' enough would make sense for the good of fleet feet.


Turns out, it Will Take More Money Than First Thought

A few days ago, my trial membership to Amazon Prime, afforded to me by the prime controller I bought, ran its course.  So, mere moments ago, I decided to sign up for an Amazon Prime account upgrade.  And to make it even more cost effective, I switched the default monthly plan to an annual plan.  Nice little ancillary benefit, no matter where I go, because it's tied to my account, I won't be dependent on others quite so much.  That'll add some long sought constancy to my otherwise topsy-turvy life.  As an added bonus, I can access my account via myriad digital formats and devices.  Ala John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, One Account to Control Them All.  Quite empowering if played properly, membership should bring opportunities.


The Season Strikes

My Right-Hand-Man, with whom I exercise, I did not exercise today, under the weather this morning.  And my long-time, with whom I regularly weightlift on Sundays, sms'd that he was feeling under the weather; do, tomorrow's probably a non-starter. And I'm telling a slight tickle in my throat. So, I guess it's  them, me, and the virus for a hat trick. 


Israel: One Who Wrestles with God

I pine for freedom; that's my central tenet. However, I'm fully cognizant that true freedom can never be achieved during this corporeal life. But as a Libertarian-leaning-Conservative, it remains my God-inspired mission to whenever possible to keep an open door. Id est, all options on the table. As an avowed Sigma-male, conformity and staid rote processes bore me. A central axiom of the Sigma is (paraphrasing) 'everybody is doing it; so, why should I?'
My university degree is in leadership, business administration; id est, structuring processes in such a manner as to best utilize the talents intrinsic in others to achieve goals, all the while facilitating growth in others for them to achieve their fullest potential.
My college degree is in general biology. I don't believe in being too specialized, it leads to easily to being pigeonholed. And in this new century, life is much more free flowing and superficial; id est, more fast paced and managed with a light touch, rather than a heavy hand. Modernity is replete with force multipliers, think simple machines in the newtonian world.


In Typical American Fashion (Viewing Deficits as Strengths)

I was born, I am, and I shall always be a stubborn Dutchman.  In the face of adversity, the goal seeming worthy, I remain relentless. Some people call it perseverance, some call it passion, I call it, well, stubbornness.
Maybe 'tis the fact that I refuse to listen to the naysayers; I mean, I hear them, but as is my wont, neither listen to nor give them credence. Maybe 'tis just my libertarian leanings and my wish to utter, while blowing the raspberries, "Oh well, Whatever, Nevermind."
Some call it perseverance, others call it determination, in my quintessential American Dutchman-fashion, I proudly declare myself a stubborn Dutchman.

Look Ma, No Hands (a Crutch is Removed)

Recently I made the decision to discontinue my botox-treatments. They weren't helping enough. On a cost benefit analytical level, the relaxation benefits did not justify the global sickness that the injections caused me. (side effects) To mitigate the inevitable tightness (muscle tone, spasticity) I shall rest on the crutches of weightlifting and stretching. Both reduce the spasms.

All it Takes is a Little More Money

Saturday my Right-Hand-Man and I went to Target (yes I'm talking full advantage of the RedCard for which I was recently approved) and made some purchases.  I got an Amazon Firestick. Without it, I can't even watch 'free' TV,  thanks to the technology revolutions. Sure 'tis am improvement, but it seems slightly onerous that it was imposed on me by the heavy hand of government.  As a Libertarian-leaning-Conservative Republican, coerced change rubs me the wrong way. Too few options for my wont.

Good Night, Sleep Tight...

As of a few weeks ago, the house has been infiltrated by an invasion of bedbugs. Friday (tomorrow), a crew of exterminators will bug bomb the house. The rest of the house will be going out for a handful of hours (movie, mall, park,  I dunno, I'm not interested); I will be going 3 doors east to visit my aunt. I would rather stay close to home, take life easier, savor every moment.


And so it Begins

I just, literally seconds ago, had a facebook messenger conversation via my Android phone. My buddy and I are going to go to a different church.  We do this in the eternal quest for 'holy' women.  I use the word holy not by some hokey allusion to religiosity (well, not directly) but by its meaning,'set apart.'

My buddy, whom in September I will have known thirty years, and I are looking for wives, girlfriends, whatever, and in furtherance of that dream, we are looking for young ladies who are set apart and not just the hoi polloi.  It seems a worthy quest which has been delayed because of reasons.  I was too busy with hospitals and educational institutions to be the Timothy to his Titus.  Realizing that allusion is not precisely apropos, it seems close enough,  I shall play Sigma to his Alpha; 'tis a comfortable position for me, the esoteric outsider. This should be fun, particularly since I've been praying for something like this, in the words of balladeer Tom Jones, 'for the longest time.'


Knowing my Place in the Order; Always Comes back to High School

After much introspection, I've come to acceptance with the realization that I'm a Sigma-male usually, one who is unbound by the classical social hierarchy.  I typically do my own thing.  When faced with routine or conformity, I oftentimes think 'everybody else is doing it (so) why should I.'  That sentiment is born less out of rebellion and the need to be an individual (admittedly there's some of that too) but more from a point of apathy and boredom.

As a Sigma in high school, I clique-surfed.  While maintaining a core-clique anchored by neighborhood buddies from my middle-school bus stop, I tried my hand at hanging with the drama-geeks, the chess nerds, the debate team, etcetera. While my core clique took Spanish, I took Japanese, out of sheer boredom.  Everybody else is doing Spanish,why should I? I wanted challenge of a non-Latinate, non-Germanic tongue.

In classic Sigma fashion, I maintained my personality in each niche.  As my Christian brethren would state it, 'in but not of.'  Skimming the thespians kept me thinking, 'wow, they're inclusive, is this where I should be' but it was ultimately way too libertine for my liking;so, I tried my hand at chess team and debate team and the Ecology Club and Key Club..

'Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.'

I was recently contacted via facebook messenger by one pf my core-clique friends.  I've known him thirty years in September.  I'm only 38.  Let that sink in.  We've been weightlifting, maybe doing other things soon.  He's  Alpha-male--at the least a strong Bravo (football team, etcetera).  I'm OK being my Sigma-surfer-self.  No butting heads there.

We're soon going to go questing for wives at a local megachurch. He went through the seminary and knows some of the small group leaders there.  After all, 'it's not what you know, it's who you know.'

We were just discussing it over messenger, milestones.  Yeah, milestones, ya dig?

Stubborn Optimism Pays Dividends or at Least is Less Costly than Pernicious Pessimism

Well today at the gym while mounting the leg press, I noticed that my moustache comb was not in my pocket, but my pen was on my person.  This insight struck me as more than slightly incingiois -- my pen for my checkbook and my comb for my moustache are carried asa tandem pair, ala Paul and Titus.  You see one, the other cannot be far removed. 

Knowing that memory issues are quite common with brain injury has made hyper vigilant about keeping my faculties: wit, memory, locquationskills sharp, with the edge gossamar sharp.

Eventually I thought, 'I can go to the store tomorrow after I go weightlifting with my longtime (~30 years) friend after church -- I even contacted him via facebook messenger.  Serendipitously, I did not make a move directly from the gym, for when I got home and opened my drawer,staring me right in my four-eyes was my .  In my morning haste, I must've missed it.

Who knows, I may just pick up some, dime-a-dozen, spare combs.  Redundancies are a safe thing.


Back to Patterns

Just had Facebook message conversation with my buddy I grew up with from 3rd grade through Freshman high school Sunday are going to weight lift at the EoS around the corner from my house.  Plans will be hatched.


Change inertia

It was once said, "People don't really change, they just get better at it."  It's true.  I tried to change to pursue this one girl, tried to convince myself that I was OK with just dating her and trying to mold her little by little conform her to my wonts; but then I realized, she won't change and I won't change.

I'm a relationship guy with the ultimate goal of a family (wife, kids, the whole ball of wax), when I realized she was uninterested in long-term thinking, that's all she wrote, bye-bye Birdie, I sent her an SMS that would act as a Litmus test.  She broke it off, strangest thing, I don't feel bad about it in the least; a little disappointed, sure, but not even wrought, let alone over-wrought.  As Freddy Mercury sang, "Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me."

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; 'twas worth a roll of the dice.

No Dice

The television still remains off-line; it'll take some time, but I have other modalities (my Chromebook, YouTube, the INTERNET writ large).  In all per Ice Cube, 'I'd have to say, today was a good day.'

Out of the Hole

My heretofore lack of Wi-Fi has been ameliorated.  My Android works fine for SMS, my Chromebook can get on the internet superhighway, good chance my TV is in working order, but I'll wait 'til after dinner to test that assumption.  Little to no doubt that I shall blog about the results of that null hypothesis experiment and inquiry.  Id est, looks promising, all in good time, don't wish to jinx it.


Dark Day

Saturday June 15 will demarcate the 23rd anniversary of the worst day of my life.

It was that day in 1996 that the T-bone car accident caused my brain to be bathed in my blood.

As I learned in my Psychology 101 course that I took one summer before I graduated high school,  blood is highly caustic to the brain. I felt I needed to get a jump start on college. The injury put me behind the eight ball, so much to make up, or so I thought.


Down in a Hole

This past while, my house has been without Wi-Fi, therefore, no internet on my chromebook. I've been reduced to using my smartphone.  Any arrow in the quiver.


Third Time's the Charm

Missed opportunities, chances not taken, mistakes not made.

Twice before, I've met girls and been instantly attracted, 'love at first sight,' but then let things cool off, not in a position to give a full-throated pursuit.

The first was Karen in Kindergarten, the second was Becky in freshman year high school waking from lunch to English, the third is Kat ongoing in support group that I attend monthly.

Noting my pior temerity, before one support group, I sacked up the courage and asked her for and received her digits.

Her time has heretofore been otherwise occupied as of late, but she shall be less encumbered in July.  As such, via SMS she agreed to a tet-a-tet, a discussion after the July group-meeting.  My hopes are quite ebullient, to say the least.


Codename: Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
   Well, I wasn't exactly sitting, More like walking to brush my teeth.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
   More like slight fall, with exaggerated consequences.
All the King's Horses and all the King's men.
   The mobile emergency room.
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
   Fortunately, they did glue me back together again; which that I'm now on the mend.

I fell because my brace was hurting my leg, it threw me into the computer table, split just above my left eyebrow, mobile ER called, eyebrow glued, on the mend, fait accompli.

Efficiencies and Discounts, Foreseen and Achieved, Soon to be Exploited

Awhile back I applied for and yesterday I received a Target Red Debit Card.  Weekly after I lift weights, my Right Hand Man and I shop at Target (higher class than WalMart).   The card gives me 5% discounts at Target stores and, also free 2-day shipping.  Win-Win-Win.

When things are broken, you must fix them

Today, I had my right AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) repadded.  I had worn out the lining of my foot brace, and it hurt when I walked.  I stumbled and hurt myself; so, I repaired my AFO, and all's good.


Last Week's Delivery

Sometime ago, I ordered some muscle pharm Combat protein powder via Amazon. I took delivery of it last Wednesday.  Sunday afternoon, I'll use it while weightlifting with my buddy.  I was heretofore using a different muscle pharm product, one with much greater carb load.
lI do feel my strength increasing; I would have gone weightlifting last week but for scheduling and logistical constraints.

I am fully confident that I shall maintain that trajectory, just with less bloat.


Reach out and touch some deals

I've gotten more adept with and have been approved for a Target Red debit card. I shall have mightily more merchandise freedom.  Choice breeds comparative advantage.  With my Red Card, I'll get 5 percent discounts at the local Target store and on, free shipping, special deals. It makes all the sense in the world; strategic synergies abound.  Win-win-win.


Won't Get Fooled Again

Freshman year of high school, while walking to English after lunch, I saw a vision of loveliness, long brown hair, pretty eyes, very attractive; however having no classes in common, I went about my high school career harboring an infatuation ala Charlie Brown's elusive 'little red headed girl.' I later,  after I went back to school, matriculated in a Physics course with her, there were definitely sparks, but time had its entropic effects,, I could not concentrate on pursuing her. I won't repeat that course of events if I have my way. Won't play the fool with the new girl whom I met in support group, about a year ago. Older and wiser; live and learn; fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; as Roger Daltrey (the Who) sang, "Won't get fooled again."


As the Bard writ...

"The play's the thing."

Oliver. Charles Dickens.
Discount through We're Moving Forward. Per Franklin, "A penny saved iis a penny earned." And in these times-- mid-cycle recovery, pennies add up, or more precisely, the absence thereof has a oh 690 cumulative negative effect.

A study in coordination. But that's my grad school focus, MBA equals logistical coordination...

Mustering all my cartographicasl and technical prowess, I used my smartphone to locate the theater and navigate our way,  a task made all the more difficult due to my lack of familiarity with that part of town. In the end, I've adopted the motto: have android, will  travel.

However beforehand just because I could, I fit in a full circuit at the gym-- in fact, i increased my resistence at each station,  while maintaining reps.


Solutions sought; potential solutions found

Bacteria with the ability to degrade hydrocarbons (oils, gases) have been identified in nature (Mariana Trench, Norwegian fjords).  This could potentially help mitigate oil spills and bovine emissions.


A New Crown

Recently, my church buddy and his mom paid me a visit.  While out and about, she had seen and purchased a gentlemanly felt hat, which she kindly gave to me.

Whenever I greet someone, it is my wont to doff my hat or at least tip it, in the Samurai-esque custom of acknowledgement.  She always gets a kick out of that; so, according to the operand conditioning model, I shall maintain, and engrain, the pattern.


One more win

Bowing to Trump's suggestion, China just banned Fentanyl, a large killer drug, second to Opiods.  Next up,  prison reforms.


Weightlifting as balance (ing) therapy

Sundays I weightlift at an EoS fitness around the corner from my house. Currently, we are working on exercising my weaker muscles. This will bring the strength of my right side more in line with my left.

When I was injured in the car accident,  my right basal ganglia was one of the major bleeds that resulted. The basal ganglia regulates resting muscle twitch; muscle twitch is the prime determinant of strength; this means that my left side is naturally stronger than my right. However,  for the longest time, I've been concentrating on strengthening my right side.  However in my neck I've been using that (unearned)  muscle strength as a crutch. Id est, when swallowing I turn or tilt my head slightly left to strengthen my swallow; this has caused my left side side of the check to compararatively hypertrophy, conversely my right side is suffering from slight atrophy.

We are endeavoring to bring my sides into  alignment; from my biological background,  esp. those lessons on psychology notably the neuroplasticity of the brain and its susceptibility to routines and patterns. Making neuropathways is relatively easier than breaking bad pattern pathways.

I try to maintain balance, but it's hard with a naturally right aligned brain which is only exacerbated by right side brain trauma. This causes all sorts of deleterious patterns to emerge.

Yet another obstacle to increased fitness is my brain's natural tendency to forget; id est, ther stimuli must remain constant to be effective, because my brain naturally forgets and is highly susceptible to lethargy. Moreover because I am so intelligent and value efficient, I am naturally prone to laziness. It is a constant bane to my existence. My wont is to omit superfluous steps. I must remain vigilant to constantly fight the urge to always take shortcuts, they are indubitably alluring, a stitch in time; they are my Edenesque fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  I mustn't succumb to temptation.


One Step Forward, One Step Back, Three Steps Forward, Then Home

When I woke up this morning, I got up and had breakfast per usual.  Then noting that I'd lift weights today, I made my protein drink.  I took it with me on mr. Toad's wild ride, shuffling around from house to house, until we had gathered a quorum and headed to the gym.  In drank a few sips of my concoction after each station and finished it on the way home.

I'm pretty proud of myself; having been the impetus for the gnosis of the homes' weightlifting exercise regimen, I have attracted a cohort of 'fellow travelers' who likewise like to expunge the lactic acid with resistance exercise.  Well, that's one day (sometimes two days) per week.  It's all very schedule dependent; id est, whether I can conform it to my schedule, if it fits a hole of free time, I do ii.  If not... well, you sense the pattern.

Actually no: when I got up, I made the protein drink first, and only then did I break my fast.  Did it while 'twas top of mind.  Following that old adage 'don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today,' I've learned to be more strategic with my energy (time, effort, money, etc.)

Since getting home, I am decompressing by blogging.


First Step in a Long Journey

Well yesterday, I received the shipment of protein that I bought via, and today, my buddy from way back (ca. 30 yrs) mixed it, we then worked out and I am drinking it as a restorative and muscle builder.

I noticed the processes he used in the mixology;I'm indubitably confident that I can replicate the protocol for my otheike r two weekly weightlifting sessions.  I always feel better following resistance workouts.  And my newfound restorative protocol is icing on the cake.

Before when I'd  purchase individual protein shakes after workouts, they'd be $4.50 a piece.  Quite cost prohibitive.  With my new protocol, I get 40-50 equivalents for $45.  Incredible upfront cost, but I'll more than recoup it on volume. C=PxV; Cost equals price times volume.  I'm a businessman (M.B.A.) fundamentally, economics, management, and my baileywick finance, investing, specifically stocks and bonds.

But hey, I'm first, foremost and foundationally an experimental scientist, B.S. general biology.  Successes must be replicated. Hypotheses either rejected or not.  That will be my primary M.O. for Tuesday when I workout with Kam.  I'm confident of result reproduction.


The Process of Pruning will Proceed Apace

Once upon a time, I talked very much.  In grades prior to high school, I frequently was reprimanded, called out on speaking when I really shouldn't have been.

Then my injury happened and I found oration more difficult.  I have to structure my verbiage, utilizing the principle of parsimony. Id est, when choosing between two hypotheses, all things being equal, the one with the fewest ad hoc assumptions is the preferable choice.  I utilize the quick rule of thumb that brevity is the soul of wit. Acronymized: K.I.S.S.:Keep It Short and Simple.

In that vein of thought, I am trying to cull my speech of superfluous paralanguage.  Examples include err, umm, basically any filler speech when one os trying to reach for a word while still speaking.  Henceforth, I shall think before I speak, talk, make any utterances whatsoever.  I wish not to waste energy with redundant thought or speech.


Facilitating interstate communication

Mere moments ago, I downloaded to my phone and had a conversation via Skype with my Prodigal Brother, my best buddy from my collegiate days.  Our conversation was between my Android phone in the Phoenix-area and his Apple desktop in the Denver-area.

I foresee more Skype convos in the future. "We have the technology."  Good first foray.ddy


Unlike Beck, please don't kill me

I'm feeling more positive; per the Beck reference, things are gonna change (I can feel it). Palpable progress was made. At least, shots were fired, bows were crossed, so to speak. 

I contacted via SMS, a girl I met earlier in the year.  For me, this is breakneck speed.  Best of all, I wasn't rebuffed or dismissed out of hand

I guess that old aphorism (attributable to Einstein) holds water: If you always do what you always do, you'll always get what you've always got.  And I'm looking for something better, more perdurant.  Make hey while the sun shines.

I took a daunting denovo situation, trying to court a younger woman in the #metoo age.  Hopefully, treating her like Goldilocks; id est, not too hard, not too soft, but just right in my pursuit.

Faint heart never won fair lady.


New Year, New Determination

With the arrival of a new year, new hopes spring like the wildflowers.I'm focused on three domains: physical/health, financial, societal/interpersonal.

Once upon a time, I exercised/weightlifted twice a week while the rest of the house was endeavoring with crafts.  I added a Saturday weightlifting session with my right-hand-man, bringing the total to 3 times per week.  The craft location went through a renovation, and we were kicked out; therefore, the semi-weekly weightlifting sessions were stopped.  Luckily I was facebook contacted b one of my long-time friends who stepped up in the lurch.  We now weightlift on Sundays. Sure, two days per week isn't ideal, but it's better than nothing.

I've been interested in stocks, bonds, etcetera almost all my life, from elementary school onward.  I'm, recently, really drawn to preferred stocks (good dividends, limited downside).

From the first time I attended a new support group, my eyes were drawn to one girl (young woman), I've just been lying low, scoping out the lay of the land.  But I feel that the period of passive recon is quickly drawing to a close.


Changes require adjustments

Once upon a time my brain injury residential home company used to have these company- wide craft days. However being uninterested in crafts, a cohort of other residents and I would go to the local adult centerwhere we'd lift weights.

I also added another day of weight lifting with my right-hand-man.

When the building where they were holding the craft extravaganzas went through renovations (at least I think that's the rationale), the craft days moved into the president of the company's garage and the gym excursions stopped.  However reconnecting with a friend from school, we weightlifted at the gym around the corner from my house. We have been making palpable progress on all fronts.

Two days of weekly weight training is adequate to maintain heretofore reached goals. More times would be better. Being brain injured, my brain needs constant muscle memory reminders.


The eternal struggle is enjoined

As I inch ever closer to the big four-oh, I've had to fall back on the wisdom of the ages.  No longer can I gorge on carbohydrates, they offer too quick a cheap energy influx.  By our very nature, the human animal neither needs nor respects the quick win of the sweet tasting carbohydrate.  Finally abandoning the food pyramid (funded by the lobbyists at Big Agriculture), I realized that because of the human anatomy (notably our binocular vision) that we are fundamentally carnivores. The pyramid is upside-down; visi-a-vis, meats and cheeses should be at the base, leafy vegetables in the middle for fiber, and fruits and other carbohydrates on top for a nice little treat.  That was yet another government lie, which may have been more valid when society was more active with constant manual labor of farming.  However, society now prizes intellect and labor-saving processes and procedures, over drudgery and wasting time.  Id est, measure twice, cut once has been replaced by measure once accurately, then cut.

Being ever cognizant that energy input must equal energy output or else fat accumulates, I must be judicious with my food consumption.


Palpably perplexed

Without going into specifics, even trying to follow the rules, liberty still seems to be slipping through my grasp.  I thought there are 3 legs to the stool of the social contract, which according to John Lock are: Life (growing and converting CO2 to O2), Liberty (freedom giving value to the first leg), and Property (the tangible 'stuff' needed to maintaintain all other legs, in the modern sense money).
I thought the purpose of growing up was to inculcate people with the ability to balance on all 3 legs of the stool.  I'm having trouble teetering on simply the first pillar.


New Tactic, same basic tack

I've really gotten into a stock trading strategy that I discovered during the FIN 502 portion of my MBA crucible.

In brief, it's merely buying preferred  shares below their call price and just holding on until they are called. That way I receive the usually substantial dividends and a nice little ancillary bonus when they are called. And if they are not called, then I'll have what amounts to veritable perpetual annuity, which ain't a bad situation to be in at all. 

This is in addition to my basic foreign and domestic portfolio of foreign oil tanker stocks (high dividend yield) and Arizona municipal bond funds (preferential tax treatment) and foreign bond funds (better to be a creditor than a debtor on the international stage). If the federal government won't do it, then it's the private-sector's duty to pick up the slack.  IMHO, I'll follow that old aphorism: be the change you want to see in others.

But hey,  i'm an old school/new school free marketeer.  (Incidentally that's why I went to business school-- to be a better investor) My MBA program was not tailored to what I wanted; so, I just learned what I wanted to learn and went along to get the degree.


New Year, new regimen, old friends

Recently, in attempts to fulfill a new year resolution, I've been weight training with a friend from high school, middle school, but we actually met in grade school.  We reconnected on facebook, and he's helping me shed some Christmas weight, and more than that, just get healthier  He's running me through the pertinent parts of a book developed by his exercise physiologist uncle.  Reconnections can be so fruitful.  I'm excited to rebond with my pal.  Good things on the horizon.  Afterwards,I feel indubitably better, I'm seeing palpable progress;and as the Carpenters sang, 'We've only just begun.'  My fight for fitness hath been enjoined.


New Year's Resolutions v. 2019

Be more assertive:  YOLO, Carpe Diem

Take more risks: From my biological background, I'm cognizant that there are only two states in life, growth (presupposes some level of risk-taking) or death/atrophy (I'm too young, haven't lived enough, to die or diminish at all whatsoever).

Meet more people/get out more:  I've started reconnecting with a friend from elementary through high schools.  Something good's gotta arise from this.  That's the predicate from which I am working.ike Dobb

Be more like Dobie Grey and "Take it Real Easy": At this point on the story arc, I should be in to the denouement portion of my plot.