The eternal struggle is enjoined

As I inch ever closer to the big four-oh, I've had to fall back on the wisdom of the ages.  No longer can I gorge on carbohydrates, they offer too quick a cheap energy influx.  By our very nature, the human animal neither needs nor respects the quick win of the sweet tasting carbohydrate.  Finally abandoning the food pyramid (funded by the lobbyists at Big Agriculture), I realized that because of the human anatomy (notably our binocular vision) that we are fundamentally carnivores. The pyramid is upside-down; visi-a-vis, meats and cheeses should be at the base, leafy vegetables in the middle for fiber, and fruits and other carbohydrates on top for a nice little treat.  That was yet another government lie, which may have been more valid when society was more active with constant manual labor of farming.  However, society now prizes intellect and labor-saving processes and procedures, over drudgery and wasting time.  Id est, measure twice, cut once has been replaced by measure once accurately, then cut.

Being ever cognizant that energy input must equal energy output or else fat accumulates, I must be judicious with my food consumption.


Palpably perplexed

Without going into specifics, even trying to follow the rules, liberty still seems to be slipping through my grasp.  I thought there are 3 legs to the stool of the social contract, which according to John Lock are: Life (growing and converting CO2 to O2), Liberty (freedom giving value to the first leg), and Property (the tangible 'stuff' needed to maintaintain all other legs, in the modern sense money).
I thought the purpose of growing up was to inculcate people with the ability to balance on all 3 legs of the stool.  I'm having trouble teetering on simply the first pillar.


New Tactic, same basic tack

I've really gotten into a stock trading strategy that I discovered during the FIN 502 portion of my MBA crucible.

In brief, it's merely buying preferred  shares below their call price and just holding on until they are called. That way I receive the usually substantial dividends and a nice little ancillary bonus when they are called. And if they are not called, then I'll have what amounts to veritable perpetual annuity, which ain't a bad situation to be in at all. 

This is in addition to my basic foreign and domestic portfolio of foreign oil tanker stocks (high dividend yield) and Arizona municipal bond funds (preferential tax treatment) and foreign bond funds (better to be a creditor than a debtor on the international stage). If the federal government won't do it, then it's the private-sector's duty to pick up the slack.  IMHO, I'll follow that old aphorism: be the change you want to see in others.

But hey,  i'm an old school/new school free marketeer.  (Incidentally that's why I went to business school-- to be a better investor) My MBA program was not tailored to what I wanted; so, I just learned what I wanted to learn and went along to get the degree.


New Year, new regimen, old friends

Recently, in attempts to fulfill a new year resolution, I've been weight training with a friend from high school, middle school, but we actually met in grade school.  We reconnected on facebook, and he's helping me shed some Christmas weight, and more than that, just get healthier  He's running me through the pertinent parts of a book developed by his exercise physiologist uncle.  Reconnections can be so fruitful.  I'm excited to rebond with my pal.  Good things on the horizon.  Afterwards,I feel indubitably better, I'm seeing palpable progress;and as the Carpenters sang, 'We've only just begun.'  My fight for fitness hath been enjoined.


New Year's Resolutions v. 2019

Be more assertive:  YOLO, Carpe Diem

Take more risks: From my biological background, I'm cognizant that there are only two states in life, growth (presupposes some level of risk-taking) or death/atrophy (I'm too young, haven't lived enough, to die or diminish at all whatsoever).

Meet more people/get out more:  I've started reconnecting with a friend from elementary through high schools.  Something good's gotta arise from this.  That's the predicate from which I am working.ike Dobb

Be more like Dobie Grey and "Take it Real Easy": At this point on the story arc, I should be in to the denouement portion of my plot.