New Year, New Determination

With the arrival of a new year, new hopes spring like the wildflowers.I'm focused on three domains: physical/health, financial, societal/interpersonal.

Once upon a time, I exercised/weightlifted twice a week while the rest of the house was endeavoring with crafts.  I added a Saturday weightlifting session with my right-hand-man, bringing the total to 3 times per week.  The craft location went through a renovation, and we were kicked out; therefore, the semi-weekly weightlifting sessions were stopped.  Luckily I was facebook contacted b one of my long-time friends who stepped up in the lurch.  We now weightlift on Sundays. Sure, two days per week isn't ideal, but it's better than nothing.

I've been interested in stocks, bonds, etcetera almost all my life, from elementary school onward.  I'm, recently, really drawn to preferred stocks (good dividends, limited downside).

From the first time I attended a new support group, my eyes were drawn to one girl (young woman), I've just been lying low, scoping out the lay of the land.  But I feel that the period of passive recon is quickly drawing to a close.

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