First Step in a Long Journey

Well yesterday, I received the shipment of protein that I bought via, and today, my buddy from way back (ca. 30 yrs) mixed it, we then worked out and I am drinking it as a restorative and muscle builder.

I noticed the processes he used in the mixology;I'm indubitably confident that I can replicate the protocol for my otheike r two weekly weightlifting sessions.  I always feel better following resistance workouts.  And my newfound restorative protocol is icing on the cake.

Before when I'd  purchase individual protein shakes after workouts, they'd be $4.50 a piece.  Quite cost prohibitive.  With my new protocol, I get 40-50 equivalents for $45.  Incredible upfront cost, but I'll more than recoup it on volume. C=PxV; Cost equals price times volume.  I'm a businessman (M.B.A.) fundamentally, economics, management, and my baileywick finance, investing, specifically stocks and bonds.

But hey, I'm first, foremost and foundationally an experimental scientist, B.S. general biology.  Successes must be replicated. Hypotheses either rejected or not.  That will be my primary M.O. for Tuesday when I workout with Kam.  I'm confident of result reproduction.

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