One Step Forward, One Step Back, Three Steps Forward, Then Home

When I woke up this morning, I got up and had breakfast per usual.  Then noting that I'd lift weights today, I made my protein drink.  I took it with me on mr. Toad's wild ride, shuffling around from house to house, until we had gathered a quorum and headed to the gym.  In drank a few sips of my concoction after each station and finished it on the way home.

I'm pretty proud of myself; having been the impetus for the gnosis of the homes' weightlifting exercise regimen, I have attracted a cohort of 'fellow travelers' who likewise like to expunge the lactic acid with resistance exercise.  Well, that's one day (sometimes two days) per week.  It's all very schedule dependent; id est, whether I can conform it to my schedule, if it fits a hole of free time, I do ii.  If not... well, you sense the pattern.

Actually no: when I got up, I made the protein drink first, and only then did I break my fast.  Did it while 'twas top of mind.  Following that old adage 'don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today,' I've learned to be more strategic with my energy (time, effort, money, etc.)

Since getting home, I am decompressing by blogging.

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