Won't Get Fooled Again

Freshman year of high school, while walking to English after lunch, I saw a vision of loveliness, long brown hair, pretty eyes, very attractive; however having no classes in common, I went about my high school career harboring an infatuation ala Charlie Brown's elusive 'little red headed girl.' I later,  after I went back to school, matriculated in a Physics course with her, there were definitely sparks, but time had its entropic effects,, I could not concentrate on pursuing her. I won't repeat that course of events if I have my way. Won't play the fool with the new girl whom I met in support group, about a year ago. Older and wiser; live and learn; fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; as Roger Daltrey (the Who) sang, "Won't get fooled again."


As the Bard writ...

"The play's the thing."

Oliver. Charles Dickens.
Discount through We're Moving Forward. Per Franklin, "A penny saved iis a penny earned." And in these times-- mid-cycle recovery, pennies add up, or more precisely, the absence thereof has a oh 690 cumulative negative effect.

A study in coordination. But that's my grad school focus, MBA equals logistical coordination...

Mustering all my cartographicasl and technical prowess, I used my smartphone to locate the theater and navigate our way,  a task made all the more difficult due to my lack of familiarity with that part of town. In the end, I've adopted the motto: have android, will  travel.

However beforehand just because I could, I fit in a full circuit at the gym-- in fact, i increased my resistence at each station,  while maintaining reps.


Solutions sought; potential solutions found

Bacteria with the ability to degrade hydrocarbons (oils, gases) have been identified in nature (Mariana Trench, Norwegian fjords).  This could potentially help mitigate oil spills and bovine emissions.


A New Crown

Recently, my church buddy and his mom paid me a visit.  While out and about, she had seen and purchased a gentlemanly felt hat, which she kindly gave to me.

Whenever I greet someone, it is my wont to doff my hat or at least tip it, in the Samurai-esque custom of acknowledgement.  She always gets a kick out of that; so, according to the operand conditioning model, I shall maintain, and engrain, the pattern.


One more win

Bowing to Trump's suggestion, China just banned Fentanyl, a large killer drug, second to Opiods.  Next up,  prison reforms.