As the Bard writ...

"The play's the thing."

Oliver. Charles Dickens.
Discount through We're Moving Forward. Per Franklin, "A penny saved iis a penny earned." And in these times-- mid-cycle recovery, pennies add up, or more precisely, the absence thereof has a oh 690 cumulative negative effect.

A study in coordination. But that's my grad school focus, MBA equals logistical coordination...

Mustering all my cartographicasl and technical prowess, I used my smartphone to locate the theater and navigate our way,  a task made all the more difficult due to my lack of familiarity with that part of town. In the end, I've adopted the motto: have android, will  travel.

However beforehand just because I could, I fit in a full circuit at the gym-- in fact, i increased my resistence at each station,  while maintaining reps.

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