Third Time's the Charm

Missed opportunities, chances not taken, mistakes not made.

Twice before, I've met girls and been instantly attracted, 'love at first sight,' but then let things cool off, not in a position to give a full-throated pursuit.

The first was Karen in Kindergarten, the second was Becky in freshman year high school waking from lunch to English, the third is Kat ongoing in support group that I attend monthly.

Noting my pior temerity, before one support group, I sacked up the courage and asked her for and received her digits.

Her time has heretofore been otherwise occupied as of late, but she shall be less encumbered in July.  As such, via SMS she agreed to a tet-a-tet, a discussion after the July group-meeting.  My hopes are quite ebullient, to say the least.

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