In Typical American Fashion (Viewing Deficits as Strengths)

I was born, I am, and I shall always be a stubborn Dutchman.  In the face of adversity, the goal seeming worthy, I remain relentless. Some people call it perseverance, some call it passion, I call it, well, stubbornness.
Maybe 'tis the fact that I refuse to listen to the naysayers; I mean, I hear them, but as is my wont, neither listen to nor give them credence. Maybe 'tis just my libertarian leanings and my wish to utter, while blowing the raspberries, "Oh well, Whatever, Nevermind."
Some call it perseverance, others call it determination, in my quintessential American Dutchman-fashion, I proudly declare myself a stubborn Dutchman.

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