Thank Heaven for little surprises

This morning, my phone hadn't charged fully; so, I plugged it back into the charger, thinking I'd retrieve it after I brushed my teeth. However after brushing my teeth, I simply left to start the day. 

Later at the gym, I did my routine per usual.  On the leg press, my legs are inclined; so, there's always a chance for 'spillage;' that's usually my biggest fear.

Next I had lunch per usual. After lunch, Michelle (caregiver/driver), Old Man (roommate/ nutter) and myself traversed the city (crossing several municipal boundaries).  We made it to my shrink's office.

There, I had a good, cathartic session.  At the end of the session, I went to update my calendar and could not find my phone.  I had forgotten that I'd forgotten to unplug my phone and take it with me.

When I got home and espied my charging phone, 'twas as though a weight had been lifted off my psyche.


Changes in Function Necessitate Changes in Form

Recently my right ankle region has been itching; so, I scratched it.  Big mistake. I broke out with fungus, necessitating antibiotics.  Skipping ahead slightly; for the moment, I'm not wearing my right foot brace. That necessitated a change in footwear; shoe too big, too much excess space.

Today,mere moments ago, my aunt and I went shopping to rectify that predicament.  I ended up getting a less expensive shoe (still looks good) and a belt.  As well, my aunt had a coupon for a discount.-

Not that my previous  belt was too tight, it just lacked room for girthal growth. My new beltest cust employs a braided leather strap, whereas my old belt utilized the belt hole method; much more cookie-cutter, less customizable.

After that, we stopped by Burger King and got a Whopper meal deal.  Why BK when my normal fare when we go out is a bean burrito from Federico's?  Coupons come into play here as well.

All things considered, the coupons won the day.

And I still have my old shoe for when my foot clearslt


Theory of Confrontation

Running low on Raisin Bran, today after my gym visit, Old Man, my Right-Hand Man and myself swung by a Target store enroute to home.  I picked up 4 Giant sized boxes, special of the day, marked 2 for $5, then proceeded to Checkout.

The cashier scanned each of them individually, $4.95 each.  Then channeling Pete Townshend, I thought 'Won't Get Fooled Again.'  I typically suffer no fool gladly.  Now was the time for me to make my metamorphosis into my alter ego, Stubborn Dutchman.

Thus I just blurted out in my baritone voice, 2 for 5.  I must've said it with enough of an authoritative tone, because there and then, on the spot, no price check, no fuss, no muss, no nothing, she changed each of the boxes to be priced $2.50, I paid with my Target Card for an additional %5 discount. Synergies make my soul smile.

As a stubborn Dutchman with an MBA, rectifying financial errors brings what only can be called a genetic joy to my psyche. I enjoy a good deal, like my mom did, and a win, like everyone does.  I suppose that would make today, thanks to that little vignette, a Win-win.  Tack on another win; I got my cereal. Win^3.


My Inner Dutchman is Actualized

After the Dutch founding of New Amsterdam, which later became New York City, it quickly became a hub for commerce.


In that vein, I just utilized my Amazon Prime membership (initial purpose was to watch TV and movies) to get my roommate a book that he wanted; no shipping and handling, membership has its rewards.  He remarked that he was going to go shopping for the book over the weekend; I plugged it into my Amazon app on my smartphone, bing-bop-click, conferred with him, buy now, it arrived yesterday, he took delivery of it today, he'll pay me tomorrow. And all without me having to leave the house.  Win-win-win.  That's true capitalism, everybody's a winner, or at least comes away happy, otherwise no transaction would occur. No force, no coercion, no government.

Update 8/4/2019:

Tonight I just received payment from my roommate, quite an accretive way of parleying digital money (debit card) into fiat 'walking around' money (cash). And tt strengthened a friendship.  Win-win-win-win.  The exponential power of free enterprise.