Changes in Function Necessitate Changes in Form

Recently my right ankle region has been itching; so, I scratched it.  Big mistake. I broke out with fungus, necessitating antibiotics.  Skipping ahead slightly; for the moment, I'm not wearing my right foot brace. That necessitated a change in footwear; shoe too big, too much excess space.

Today,mere moments ago, my aunt and I went shopping to rectify that predicament.  I ended up getting a less expensive shoe (still looks good) and a belt.  As well, my aunt had a coupon for a discount.-

Not that my previous  belt was too tight, it just lacked room for girthal growth. My new beltest cust employs a braided leather strap, whereas my old belt utilized the belt hole method; much more cookie-cutter, less customizable.

After that, we stopped by Burger King and got a Whopper meal deal.  Why BK when my normal fare when we go out is a bean burrito from Federico's?  Coupons come into play here as well.

All things considered, the coupons won the day.

And I still have my old shoe for when my foot clearslt

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