My Inner Dutchman is Actualized

After the Dutch founding of New Amsterdam, which later became New York City, it quickly became a hub for commerce.


In that vein, I just utilized my Amazon Prime membership (initial purpose was to watch TV and movies) to get my roommate a book that he wanted; no shipping and handling, membership has its rewards.  He remarked that he was going to go shopping for the book over the weekend; I plugged it into my Amazon app on my smartphone, bing-bop-click, conferred with him, buy now, it arrived yesterday, he took delivery of it today, he'll pay me tomorrow. And all without me having to leave the house.  Win-win-win.  That's true capitalism, everybody's a winner, or at least comes away happy, otherwise no transaction would occur. No force, no coercion, no government.

Update 8/4/2019:

Tonight I just received payment from my roommate, quite an accretive way of parleying digital money (debit card) into fiat 'walking around' money (cash). And tt strengthened a friendship.  Win-win-win-win.  The exponential power of free enterprise.

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