Thank Heaven for little surprises

This morning, my phone hadn't charged fully; so, I plugged it back into the charger, thinking I'd retrieve it after I brushed my teeth. However after brushing my teeth, I simply left to start the day. 

Later at the gym, I did my routine per usual.  On the leg press, my legs are inclined; so, there's always a chance for 'spillage;' that's usually my biggest fear.

Next I had lunch per usual. After lunch, Michelle (caregiver/driver), Old Man (roommate/ nutter) and myself traversed the city (crossing several municipal boundaries).  We made it to my shrink's office.

There, I had a good, cathartic session.  At the end of the session, I went to update my calendar and could not find my phone.  I had forgotten that I'd forgotten to unplug my phone and take it with me.

When I got home and espied my charging phone, 'twas as though a weight had been lifted off my psyche.

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