Theory of Confrontation

Running low on Raisin Bran, today after my gym visit, Old Man, my Right-Hand Man and myself swung by a Target store enroute to home.  I picked up 4 Giant sized boxes, special of the day, marked 2 for $5, then proceeded to Checkout.

The cashier scanned each of them individually, $4.95 each.  Then channeling Pete Townshend, I thought 'Won't Get Fooled Again.'  I typically suffer no fool gladly.  Now was the time for me to make my metamorphosis into my alter ego, Stubborn Dutchman.

Thus I just blurted out in my baritone voice, 2 for 5.  I must've said it with enough of an authoritative tone, because there and then, on the spot, no price check, no fuss, no muss, no nothing, she changed each of the boxes to be priced $2.50, I paid with my Target Card for an additional %5 discount. Synergies make my soul smile.

As a stubborn Dutchman with an MBA, rectifying financial errors brings what only can be called a genetic joy to my psyche. I enjoy a good deal, like my mom did, and a win, like everyone does.  I suppose that would make today, thanks to that little vignette, a Win-win.  Tack on another win; I got my cereal. Win^3.

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