Stability Finally Reestablished

Today I had my right AFO (articulating leg brace) repaired.  I had been going without a right AFO for awhile.  My right foot s better, at least passale, and the strap rubbed me raw.  But now that it's fixed, I'm much more stale.  Also, that physical stability seeps into my psyche stability.  My outlook is much more rosy.  I feel imbued with confidence.  I guess the song rings true, 'Don't know what you got 'til it's gone.'


Missed an Appointment, Hopefully not a Rendezvous with Destiny

This evening will be my high school class' 20 year reunion; the class wherewith I matriculated for 10 years, not the one I ended up graduating with.   I shall not be attending, even though  I learned of it in plenty of time, just failed to arrange transportation.  But it really isn't that bad--I wish to be more established, in a better brainspace when I undertake that endeavor.  Unlike Ferris Bueller, I'm not at a point where I can just opt to take a 'Day Off.'

Crises Averted, Protocol Emended

Today when I went down to the gym (Ability360), I thought I'd lost my cellphone on the Leg Press machine.  Though I questioned that, for I didn't remember my senses being peked by the sound of my celly falling, but I wasn't entirely certain; I like to think that I'd notice.

When I returned home and went to my room, my housemates were telling me to get my phone.  Whew, crises averted; e.g., getting a new phone, paying Verizon for a new phone (do not like spending money, when I really don't need to). Is set alarms on my phone: WAKE UP, Lunch, Dinner, Bed time. I have a very poor chronological memory, trouble multi-tasking, quite distractible; but I have a very good visual verbal memory (book-learning) All are getting better, but they take effort and precious brainspace.  As such, I rely on my phone for prompting and other schedule-type endeavors.  'We have the technology.'

I started it in Grad school to schedule MBA-concomitant study activities.  But as is the story with many an highly educated individual, the ingrained and ensconced information is readily available, but deviations to set patterns are difficult to cope with.

It would have been a strike at the very foundation of my psyche, my confidence, nevermind the trust of others that would be sullied.  If I cannot care for the portal to my communication, what else am I incapable of overseeing?  I am not yet to the point of asking, "Who is John Galt," Like Sisyphus, I still must push the boulder.


You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party (And to be an Individual)

Breaking out of the groupthink of my current situation requires copious amounts of time and patience and money,  Activities not originating from the house take much  pre-planning to achieve.  Schedules must be synchronized, transportation timed, etcetera.


Next Step, the Saga Continues

Recently (early September) I received a facebook direct message from my buddy of more than 30 years, stating that in about a month we'd be resuming our weightlifting regiment, whereupon I'll follow up on my entreaty that we go out in a quest to search for wives, ala Gondorf and Hooker (the Sting), Butch and Sundance, Chucky and Will Hunting, et al.

I feel now is the time to fish or cut bait, and I'm too young to do the latter.

Echoing Bon Jovi: "...It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever.  I'm just gonna live while I'm alive... It's my life."


Streams of Consciousness (Just Another Manic Monday)

Ever since my graduate school inculcation into investing, which par for most collegiate courses began with a mathematical overview of fixed income instruments.  I have less than no interest in traditional bonds (eg. 30 year Treasuries, Corporate bonds).  But I persisted, and the course got better.

I've instead  become interested in stocks (both foreign and domestic), preferred stocks, baby bonds, bond funds (both foreign and municipal).

Holding common stocks as a foundational base is good.  Foreign stocks, because I'd rather receive income from abroad than the reverse (better to own more of their stuff than they own of yours).  Whenever possible, it's good to reinvest the dividends automatically.  No transaction fees.

Preferred stocks can be called (redeemed) after a certain period of time at a set price (usually $25).  They pay bond-like, constant dividends in the meantime. They don't have ownership voting rights, but that is offset with a larger, more dependable dividend.  The trick to preferred stocks is buying them below the call price, that  way everything you get is gravy.nds directlynds directly

Like preferred stocks, some baby bonds are callable (usually $25)  But unlike preferred stock, baby bonds have maturity dates.

Bond funds offer a basket of bonds with different maturities; so, the maturity risk is mitigated.  Like stocks, if the dividends are reinvested, bond funds can provide a stable foundry to a portfolio.  I diversify my portfolio even further by having both global/international and AZ municipals from multiple companies.

I like to utilize these tools to craft my portfolio.  Ensures that it remains not boring.  I'm nowhere near the 'set it and forget it' stage of my life yet.


Using 'Basic' Arithmetic for Fun and Profits

I just took delivery of my gum order from

I scheduled 4 boxes/month, WAY TO MANY; so, I tried to change it to one box per month. The system wouldn't let me, read no fewer than 2. 

So,  using my hard scrabbled university logic, I set the order to two boxes. However, I set the delivery to every 2 months.  Averages to one per month.   BOOM.

I enjoy besting the machine.