Back to the Due Diligence

I've decided to redirect my search to more local arenas. I will use my coffee competencies broadly creative research and search engine optimization techniques to try to find a woman with whom to marry and start a family, and restrict my criterion to local women. After all, I reside in (I believe) the fifth largest metropolis in the country (Phoenix metro area) and the fastest growing county in the US (Maricopa). Should be good portends.  As Eric Idle sings with the Monty Python troupe: always look on ther bright side of life. CODA

Schedule Changes Necessitate Concomitant Changes in Routine

This afternoon I did pushups (5 x 50), I don't normally do pushups on Mondays, for it is my ensconced pattern to weightlift on Tuesdays. However tomorrow's Halloween party puts that on the backburner; thus, I adjusted and planned ahead. 


Surprise Early Delivery and Pays to be Mindful

Today upon return from greening my flu shot, a Target package was waiting for me. It arrived early, but hey that's OK. 

On my voyage to get my fly shot,  I dropped my checkbook on the bus, happily I took an inventory before lunch,  and it was easily retrieved. 


The New Paradim

It seems that in these lean times, the hangover from Obama's dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight (Socialism), being reclusive is the order of the day.  In that vein, I just shopped on  I got in the mail from Target a coupon with a promo code to save 5% off an order from  That 5% is on top of my normal 5% courtesy of my Target Red Debit Card.  Ten percent discount is nothing whereat to sneeze.  Free delivery as an added bonus is just gravy on the potatoes.  Now the main impetus to leave the house is to go to the gym for my triweekly weightlifting sessions and of course church.  Deals soothe my Dutch soul.


Fly away, Fly away, Fly away Home

My moustache is finally at the length that I've been trying to grow it.  I thought that I'd have to grow it long enough to be able to tuck it behind my ears to train it, but, it looks good on its own. 


Back to the Blanket of Familiar Routines

I am back to a self-imposed restriction on caffeine. Only going to drink my one daily Coca-cola on the weekends: Friday through Sunday inclusive.

I have previously felt better on that dietary regimen, but just got lazy. With any luck, that will no longer happen.


Once a treatment has achieved its desired effect, STOP TREATMENT

Once you feel a therapy dad is desired affect, it's a good idea to attempt to stop.

This was my modus operandi with ther botox that I'd been using to reduce the contraction of my hand and  leg.

As my muscle tone reduced,  so to did my contractures (clenching spasms). But once I felt my grip strength start to weaken too much, I called full-stop, cold turkey cessation.  That decision, in retrospect, I see as a positive one.

I now mitigate my spasms with weightlifting, stretching, good old fashioned pushups, and protein powder for an added kick.