Fires on the Horiozion

Seems amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are beginning to choose sides.  It's starting to get precarious.   Hopefully this doesn't portend WWIII.  All I know is that the world is a tinderbox right now. Society on a razor's edge.


Playing Both Ends against the MiddleMan

I have been tasked with procuring some oatmeal for a roommate by that roommate. In these trying times my role as Dutch middleman garners much value added. In this quarantine era, communication is king. I can get the oatmeal at a discount, and resell it at a profit. The very epitome of a Win-win proposition. And providing this service is a win-win-win. Being a technocrat has its rewards. 


What if Maybe,Just Maybe We are Living in those Halcyon Days Foretold by Futurists Past

Nowadays all that is needed to make any purchase is Wi-Fi, an address, a credit/debit card, and the wherewithal to coordinate them.

Id est, as resident technocrat, I just ordered a couple of pizzas for my roommates and myself.  They supplied the cash, I supplied the underwriting (computer, credit card, aptitude).  Ain't technology grand.


The Price of Convenience

Today the delivery of my roommate's oatmeal arrived.  Sure I charged more than the listed price, but as the technocrat, I'm offering him the service, but it wasn't much and in the age of COVID-19, where no one's getting out, there are few other options.  Take it or leave it.


Things are about to get Dire

When the slack in the economy has been used up, the economy will take a hit from COVID-19. And then the ripple effects will be like that of a concussion grenade. I hope by some stroke of providence that I am proved wrong.  What's that old Chinese curse?  May you live in interesting times.  How apt for our current epoch,  Just hope we live THROUGH these interesting times.


Orders Received--Changes Will be Undertaken

Just a few minutes ago, my housemate brought  me my latest Target shipment.  During this quarantine, Coronavirus-induced lockdown, shipping and delivery services are proving their mettle.  Even after the current kerfuffle dies down, I posit that economic modalities, society at large will be much altered.  I doubt the genie will readily be bottled again.   At least for me, there's no going back.  It's crisper, cleaner, more efficient method.


Smile and Chuckle

A poignant grin and chortle appropriately timed disarms even the most sober adversary.  Levity is a powerful rhetorical tool.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. 

Can't take life too seriously, it'll kill you. 😉

Feeling the Pull of the Fatherland

Today, I received a shipment of raisin bran that was supposed to arrive next week.  Upon receipt and unpacking, I was approached by a housemate, requesting I act as middle man for some oatmeal.  He gave me a twenty-spot; titigate shipping costs, I also tacked on some stuff for me.  M&M's and raisin bran, but only in quantities sufficient to reduce delivery costs.

The first stock market was founded in Amsterdam, Holland in 1602.  When I leave the house someday in the future, I intend to throw myself full-throttle into investing.  After all, that was my primary rationale for pursuing my MBA. My favoriIe course in the program was FIN 502, which dealt with investing. I wished to deepen my business acumen.


Light at Tunnel's End

There is a promising treatment for COVID-19.  Using a cocktail of a malaria drug and azithromyocin shows promise. Once again science and innovation come to the rescue. Give credit where credits due, or friends the French developed the treatment. Hope springs eternal.


Takin' What They're Giving 'Cause There's a Pandemic on, but I'm Still Living

In the wake of the reaction to Chinese Flu, I've turned to online shopping for my foodstuffs deliveries. Whereas I'd normally go TO Target to get my raisin bran and M&M's, in response to the lockdown, I perused, which delivers to my house from the local Target, and saw that the raisin bran and M&M's were picked over and gone.  No giant raisin bran, no smaller raisin bran, no M&M's; so, I ordered some socks (my current assortment of socks are mismatched and worn) and some electric shaver heads (better to have a surplus in reserve than a dearth in the lurch). That shipment should arrive Friday, March 27.  When I perused a few days later, I found and ordered raisin bran but smaller boxes than usual and found and ordered some M&M's (larger size than usual, no complaints). Projected to arrive Monday, March 30.


Took the 2020 Census

As best I could, with the information that I've gleaned lo these months of cohabitation, I completed the survey.  As the resident Technocrat of the house, with the requisite computer/web savvy, I feel it my duty to lead wherever apt, do what I can, where I can, while I can.


Not Enough is Better Than None at All

Soon after I heard word of the forthcoming COVID-19, shelter in place request, I made a stop by Target to do some nutritional prepping.  I didn't go overboard, just bought enough food to supplement any potential shortfall.  Glad I did, for now the shelves are bare.  For now, I hunker and bunker--the authorities call it shelter in place.  Ride it out as the virus (hopefully not) burns through the populace.

I'm minded of the Aesopian fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant.


Per Dexter Holland:Ya Gotta Keep 'em Separated

The authorities tell us to stay at home and respect social distancing w/gatherings (~2m) in attempts to forestall COVID-19.  Many events/gatherings are being canceled.  I'm still dreaming, making plans but they are now being positioned further in the future. For now, I am hunkering and bunkering, head down, while the pandemic blows over.  I'm glad I prepped, even if it was just a little.  That will allay my conscience, somewhat.


Reunited and it Felt so Good

Tomorrow my college brother (we had the same course schedule intentionally for a few years and were cabinmates on a spring break cruise our last spring break), my aunt,  and I are having dinner together. We have much to catch up on, much to discuss. Should be nice. Although, it will be precarious in this time of pandemic virulent contagion. But knowing the two of us, if there's a way, we'll stumble upon it.


Closer to Home

Today I renewed my membership to my local city's senior adult center gym for three month interval (10$).  I'm not a senior,  but if the infrastructure is there... Makes indubitably more fiscal sense than 2$ a session; i usually seem going twice a week. 


Once a Preppie, Now a Prepper

In preparation of potential supply-chain disruptions due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), after today's weightlifting excursion, together with my Right-Hand-Man I made a Target run.  There I procured some non-perishable foodstuffs: a box of protein bars, a box of granola bars, a small bag of Jack-links beef jerky.  That's on top of my box and tupperware of raisin bran, my 24+ cans of Coca-Cola and my few cans of Sprite.

I think I'm ready for the potential weeks of shortages.  Hey if we end up skirting this outbreak, I always have backup snackage.  That's what I call sitting in the catbird seat.  Better safe than sorry.

Just as in economic theory where saving is delayed consumption, stored consumption is advanced savings.

The pricetag on the order was small; so, I used some some cash that I squirreled away (conserving my debit account for foreseen speed dating events in the future).  Id est, savings as delayed consumption.


Waiting is the Hardest Part

Now that I've done my due diligence (done my research and decided on a speed dating tack), all's left is to wait and build up my financial position, do some proximal coordination (dates, times, transportation when the time is nigh).  Having the confidence to take any setback in stride, my present  concerns revolve around finding the best environment to meet a nice woman to befriend.  In real estate, as in life, it's mostly about location, location, location. But I have 9 to 13 week's to think about it, and do research, while I build up my bankroll to finance my speed dating exploits.  Haste makes waste, and i  dislike inefficiencies..

You Got to Know When to Hold 'em

Because my physicality is indubitably more impacted than my intellect and intellectual capacity, I've adjusted my outlook to be more in line with my core competencies (directness, circumspection, strategizing). To wit,  I've honed the compensatory techniques to mitigate as much unnecessary physiological stress as possible. I play to my strengths, accentuate the positives, mitigate the negatives.


Jaunt to the Store

After weightlifting today, my Right-Hand-Man and I made a Target run. I opted to actually go to the store rather than online shop, because what I needed (body wash and spare shaver heads) didn't warrant a for shipment.  I also got some coca-cola, that docent shop with normal deliveries; Id est, coke only ships with orders larger than I make. Because if I don't have enough to qualify for free delivery, what's ther point. Might as well tack a Target trip to an already enshrined rote outing; so, I did just that. However, they didn't have the shaver heads that I needed; so, I shall just have to stock up on my next order.  But not to worry, I still have one, that should tide me over until I'm running low on raisin bran, my usual metric to tell me when a new order is in order. I heed the advice to not spend all my money in one place (or at one time, which cosmologically are the same thing). I wonder if it doesn't count since I shall utilize both Target and  But I also throw in some shipments and prime visio watchung. By dint of the duopoly nature of my spending, there  is no singular monopole. Different service for different products/services. Whatever works. Consumables and toiletries, or associated brick and mortar loci. Clothes and other one time or scheduled ecurring shipments, and of course streaming video, Amazon. Com.


Change of Schedule

Just now via SMS,  my Right-Hand-Man told me that we will be going to the gym tomorrow afternoon not morning. Demos like the payment fiasco got sorted out. At least that is my interpretation. 


Back to the gym

Today I went to the gym with my former house lead from when I lived at Camelback while my childhood house was being prepped for my reentry.  It was nice and pleasantly suprising that I had not lost too much ground during my absence from structured exercise.  Nevertheless, that marked my long road to get back to where I was before I started my new muscle relaxer regimen. 


Won't Get Fooled Again

In a number of weeks, once I save up money enough to invest some, I shall spend some of my reserve on another foray into the speed dating arena.  I believe that's an appropriate tactic, spend some, save some, build up my portfolio on both ends.

That's the first rule of finance: invest first, live off the remainder, you shall be grateful in the long-run that you did.

I shall do more due diligence this time, make the plans more near term.  That way, I shouldn't get caught unawares this time by a venue closure.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. In the words of Pete Townshend, "(We) Don't get fooled again."

I really feel that I'm being 'called' to do this.  And answer it, I shall certainly do.


Like an App Store Cowboy

I just recently upgraded my phone.  It wasn't holding charge/charging right.  It was time. Basically a similar model only newer. Without the glitches. Little will change on mybill.

Once More My Inner Dutchman is Actualized (Synergies)

I routinely buy and keep in my closet 12-packs of Coke and Coke products. I buy them from Target after I exercise on Saturdays.  I use my Target Red Debit card, giving me 5% off the total.  When I bought them, they were on special.  I just sold to a caregiver one can for $1.00.  Win-win.  We're both happy.  Kind of makes the initial outlay to buy the Coke worth the trouble--especially since I am also a shareholder. Win-win-win.


We Must Adapt to the Times

Today, technically this afternoon, I finally succumbed to the sirens song of modern times and upgraded my phone.

It really was a necessity, my phone was not charging while it was turned on; id est., it was impossible for my phone to also act as an alarm. This meant that I couldn't enter full REM sleep for fear that I  early enough. Things should get back to normal. SCORE. 


Order Entered, Order Accepted, Order Confirmed

I just, mere minutes ago, set up a Target delivery. Much breakfast cereal (running low), some new dentist recommended toothpaste, and a large bag of peanut M&Ms (my dietary vice).  Did it all from my computer. The bulk nature of the purchase mitigates delivery fees.  As an American Dutchman, the exploitation of synergies tickles my soul.  Convence, utility, discount.  Win, win, win.


Ala Kris Kross, I give the world a finger, the middle

When I initially began developing muscle spasms, resultant my brain injury, my whole hand clenched.  Some tension still remains.  However, my middle finger (known in sign language circles as the 'feeling finger,' connoting its utility) as of late is much more functional.

Some of the gain presumably comes from the increase in muscle relaxers that I am now taking.  I kept my level low while I was in school (they made me kind of foggy).  But now that I'm done with grad school and society seems to be more geared to the eighth grade level, I shall be less opposed to letting the fog roll into my harbors.


I Fought the Flu, and the Flu Lost

This past fortday, I've felt the encroachment of a flu bug.  But I always enjoy the lead up to a bout with a foreign invader. I like the warmth. So yesterday I ensconced myself in a crysalis of covers. About 4 AM my fever broke and I emerged from my cocoon and took a shower. My good old fashioned remedy of flushing the virus and its attendant bacterial progeny ot of my system worked great.

Back to Patterns with a Twist

The lead caregiver from my old home is going  to take me with his guys when they go to the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays until my house again starts up the gym routine.  Not going to the gym that often was not copacetic with me. As such, I proactively encouraged my lead caregiver to contact my old lead caregiver to set it up.  My one takeaway that reinforces an apriori postulate is simply that Bureaucracy Sucks. Capitalization noted and intended. RedTape is best utilized as a grotting tool for asphyxiation


Ala Freddy Mercury: Little High, Little Low...

Well after the holiday respite, I finally returned to the gym. Went well. Though I couldn't achieve my pre holiday gusto, I did not lose as much ground as I have in the past. 

Firing on both cylinders

After my brain injury, my natural left side strength became overwhelming; so to increase my functionality, so I began a prevent-defense, and let it atrophy through disuse. Well, I've recently begun using my left hand more again. It's tough and frustrating, but even with my nascent entre, it has paid dividends. Easier progress. More alacrity. Now is the time, has been long enough.