New Year's Resolution(s)

The New Year dawns in a little less than 4 hours. My bailiwick is investing. Although prognosticators are foreboding the market returns for next year, I believe that my strategy of building a position and nibbling around the edges will be able to prove them wrong. 

When COVID shows signs of abating, I sincerely intend on speed dating. We have the technology.


Back on my Feet again

My ankle has healed, such that I may wear my left AFO again. 🦿.👍 Movement increased, pain reduced, hope restored. 


Happy Thanksgiving

Today demarcates one of the most truly American of holidays. And the kicker is, in these times if COVID, group gatherings are mightily constrained, and in my current situation, the libertarian resistance I would wish to exude, cohabit be entertained

But and nevertheless I wish well to all, lo this wantonly weird and heinous holiday season. 


Duty Done, Fast and Fun

I successfully completed my Christmas shopping on Amazon. It was convenient, and I stayed within my self ascribed budget, even accounting for items which will be recorded upon repayment.  I count that as a win-win. Man i love being a capitalist American Dutchman. It's for what i was born and inculcated. 


Errand run, Shopping Done

Yesterday afternoon, i completed my family Christmas shopping. I used a mall order catalogue that my aunt had as a template, found equivalent offerings on Amazon, ordered them. Easy peasy, Lemon Squeezy.


Checked on the State Website

Uncertain whether my absentee vote was counted, I checked the state election website.  My vote was counted. Did my civic duty, Dude. 


Setting the Stage

In light of the increased COVID numbers, I'm taking this latest lockdown as a sign from God that I ought presently to concentrate on myself and my personal portfolio finances. 

Ala Joliet Jake and Ellwood Blues, I shall romain on my Mission from God until He directs me elsewhere or tells me, "It is done," which has not yet been done. This is a time of lying fallow and passively pruning, ala the Japanese bonsai tree. Biding my time, being tactical all the while, remaining faithful to the strategy, following His Plan. 

The financial markets are open low the pandemic, most of their inner workings have been transferred to the Cloud, the internet writ large. Diffusion and redundancy are good things when dealing with Global finance. N.y favorite cookies of class during my MBA-marathon was Fin502, investing was my cassus bella for pursuing a graduate business degree; finance has always fascinated me; however, in college a requisite course was Bookkeeping--not my bag man. Much more of the investor, strategist-type. Much more interested in the Big Think than in executing the minutia.  

According to Einstein, the only human magic is compound interest; id est, interest on interest. And I always take that into account; however, no accountant am I. Never was my bag, man. 

When the COVID-ice thaws and I can make another surry into the dating scene, I shall be more equipped to marshal my available resources to go speed dating. 


Dark day Dawns, Just Hope it's not the Promised Dark Winter

Joe Biden was elected president, he promised lockdowns, and a Dark Winter. Good thing the Prepper in me bought 2 mos. worth of reserve foodstuffs. My Colorado-based, buddy from my college-days also loaded up with 1 month of backup foodstuffs. 📦🤞

By chance that I do not need it, I've front loaded a few months of food purchases. Win-win or more precisely, a no lose scenario. The very definition of the catbird seat. 👍

Not an endorsement, but we got ours on 


Some Assembly Required

The next great leap forward in space exploration is space construction.

By building in space, the need for transmissionof of Earth's atmosphere.
 Is negated. 

Quite promising and hopeful. 
The sky's no longer the limit. 


Loaded Money onto my Account

Since I finally (only ordered it Thursday) received my chromebook, before dinner, I loaded a gift card to my Target account. 

I find both and quite convenient, particularly in these COVID-constricted times. 

Each serves its purpose, Target for general foodstuffs and common clothing; Amazon for ala-carte electronics and specially clothing

I voted 2020

Yesterday, my aunt delivered to the post office our completed absentee ballots. 

That way no Shenanigans, tomfoolery, nor any ballyhoo should be able to interfere with our 'lots being counted. 


It Fell on Black Days

Yesterday my chromebook crapped out on me, the screen went blank when I opened it to start working, checking stocks, emails, et al. However all of my apps and functionality have migrated to my phone.

I checked again this morning, on the off chance that it was just a glitch. No suck luck. I SMS'd my cousin, he's a silicon valley tech nerd. Not being a Chromebook user himself, he asked around his cadre of programmers for their suggestions. He responded with a website of offerings.  I went on it, discovered that what his nerd herd suggested was the best cost/benefit  offering.🤑

I looked it up and bought it on

Slated to arrive Tuesday October 13.

Hope it's not an ill fated purchase, arriving on the 13th of October. 🎃 But as a Libertarian-leaning Republican, I don't go in for all that numerology hokum. 


My Core Competency Crusade l

After my Traumatic; Brain Injury,  I went: back to high school, where I excelled in Biology and English. 

In my undergraduate studies, I chiefly pursued Biology.  Feeling drawn to Business generally SMS'd sticks specifically, Social Sciences were a Minor pursuit. Psychology, Sociology, History (study) English composition, Economics (Micro and Macro)  were taken. 

Then while completing a post-collegiate unpaid internship for the Arizona State Laboratory in the administration department, my mother p left a brochure addressed to her for the local branch of the major State University. The campus located nearest out house eas having a 'master's own house.' The camps was having a blowout of their masters programs before transitioning into undergraduate feeder schools for the main campus which was to house all of their graduate programs. 

With dreams of Risky Business, I went about making preparations to get my transcripts transferred, study for and schedule the entrance exam. 

While there, I paid acute attention thi my courses especially the Finance course. Having an eye on future possibilities, I absorbed the course content with alacrity and aptitude 

Being the consummate Dutchman, my frugal nature leads me to live a semi-Spartan existence, skiing all surfeit monies and investing them. Saving and investing are my bailiwick. My Dutch frugality is quite accretive to my investing pursuits. Utilizing my Gen-X/Millennial technological aptitude, I've become Witte adept at navigating there Schwab testing platform 


What was Once Common is Now the Oddity

Today while at the dentist, I purchased some specialty, highly fluoridated toothpaste, and upon leaving, I paid the bill with cash that I'd earned from my middleman role in procuring items from Amazon or i think it's cool paying cash for things, especially knowing that I made surfeit profit by procuring novel items for my housemates that otherwise would have been out of their reach. It brings me joy to 'bend' the rules, even though everyone knows what I do, it's the worst kept secret in the house that I don't care--I am Dutch, I can get away with things BECAUSE I'm open about them. I am the quintessential Dutch capitalist, will get anyone anything, for a nominal fee.   Now I'm cycling my fiat cash back into the economy...

Also for lunch, I bought my aunt and myself each a bean and cheese burrito from the local Federico's Mexican fast food restaurant. I had ample cash for the food. It'll now cycle through the local economy also...

With people using debit and credit for even the smallest transactions, seems now that cash is scarce. I like it because there is no holding fee.  I cannot in good conscience countenance paying other people for the grace of using my own money, then again, Dutchmen are notoriously frugal. Guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree, even after several generations away from the fatherland. 


Best to be Prepared

This birthday (40), my neighbor, knowing my pessimist nature, gave me survival stuff (id est, water filters, emergency blanket, et cetera). That was quite cool, because the more complex society gets, the more tenuous freedom becomes. As a Libertarian-leaning conservative Republican, Liberty is my main aegis.

Back up and Running

 The cable compny fixed the Wi-Fi problem, Saturday.  I found out during dinner and proceeded to Spotify-stream my playlist.  I play tunes during meals.

Price of Energy

 I just completedatransaction for one of my housemtes. I ordered some energy drinks from Amazon, Friday.  They arrived today, Monday.  Money was exchnged for product.  Camaraderie was strengthened.  Win-win-win.


Season of Transition

While viewing the stream of my church service this evening, I learned that an army staff sergeant,  church buddy ig's being redeployed to Ohio.

Also i learned, yesterday I think, that my Right-Hand-Man, like Frosty the Snowman, will be back someday, probably once COVID is in the rearview. 

He SMS'd me a 'hi,' I shot back a : 'hi, does this mean that you're back?' Be responded with the simple phrase,  'Not yet.' Which leads me to believe that means 'One day.'

Also when I am ready to go speed dating,  if my Right-Hand-Man hath yet to return, my cousin/Consiglere wil find me another driver/leftenant to help me.


The Curbs Ain't in

A while ago after I streamed a YouTube podcast, I looked at the amount of data I'd used which was considerable and got scared. I put restrictions on my phone's data usage. Bad move. When the Wi-fi is working, it's fine. As is my wont, I forgot about it. Next time the Wi-fi went out when I hit the data wall, service went kaput. My usage was curbed. The curbs were in. But now that I undid my self-imposed bindings, the curbs are out.  Wi-fi is less of an issue. I shall now blog more. I can resume my role as mixmaster Mark. I stream my personal spotify playlist at meal times. 👍


Confluence of Events

Besides the progress on the internet front, I also have progress on my AFOs. My guy in the orthodics game just SMS'd me that my leg braces were in from manufacture.  In ther words of the A-team character Hannibal, "I love out when a plan comes together." Things were still happening during the shutdown after all. 👍

End of My Summer of Discontent Draws Nigh (Hopefully, st least partly)

This morning after eating my cereal, I heard commotion and was told that a line was being run four internet connectivity. That's the hope anyway. They said that fit a few hours ther internet would be down.  I thought, 'a few hours, try thr past few months. At hear, there is palpable positive progress. 👍


The Fix Ain't in

Turns out the cable running into the house  from the cable co's hub is damaged. The repair will take something like two weeks once the digging starts. However at thre minute, the project is bogged down in city permitting processes, id est bureaucracy.


The Fix is in (Hopefully)

Tomorrow a representative from three cable company is supposedly coming to solve our connectivity issue. If the malady is repaired out otherwise solved, I shall be posting more often, barring further technical difficulties. 


The Lockdown Beard

Three days ago urged on bu the chiding of my college brother, I decided to grow a pandemic/lockdown/resultant depression/protest beard.  My buddy from college commented that I should grow out my beard like my moustache. So, I sousse I shall be Red Beard the Captive Capitalist. My maternal grandfather had sideburn hair (he was Irish Dutch American)  I have ab Auburn/ Red/ Blonde moustache. Time iis nigh to see whether the carpet matches the drapes. I also got word that my cousin from California currently in Chi-town is also doing the lockdown scruff. Haven't let it go since high school. Ala Trump, "We'll see what happens. "


Any Port in the Storm

Even with the down Wi- Fi, the orders keep rolling on. I've started returning to fur dinne of my more ala carte requests. 

My housemate, Antwan was in the market for a Doorman coffee mug. Well, it was to expensive; so on Amazon, I found him a black coffee mug within his office range. 


So, I guess I'm a ZOOMer now

I knew i was on the precipice Gen X and millennials (still holding with Gen X), but rather liking the ZOOM function on my tech. Today I used it to have a meeting with my counselor (shrink). I'm asserting I'm still young enough to be able to get most of this technology intuitively, it's not like I'm a BOOMER; however technology does at times pose impediments without the latest and greatest tech; id est, sans Wi-Fi, I was relegated to smartphone, which was indubitably more difficult than chromebook, and also a drain to my data plan.   That's probably accountable to Verizon v. Google. 


Technical Difficulties

My hiatus was so elongated, because the house experienced internet connectivity difficulties (there was a fraying of the internet cable connecting the house to the internet provider) repairs are still forthcoming. So, I shall still blog sparingly, but still more. 

There's Always a Way, Even if Suboptimal

Recently my cable provider has been repairing a cable into the house (still is an ongoing process). As such, they turned off the wi-fi internet connection; so, I eas un able to blog from m my chromebook. However, I just had three brain flash that I can blog via my mobile data on my phone. I suppose this is afn insurance where the phone is more powerful than the laptop. Pr it just takes thinking outside the desk. 


And Then There Were Three

My housemate bought from through me and my technocratic prowess a 2 pack of really nice, matte black PPE masks.  He generously gave me his spare.

My aunt has given me 2 surgical masks. 

Do now I can wear a different mask each day of a long weekend. 


Exploring My Web Capabilities (Synergies)

I've been checking out my shipping benefits with the internet Vis-a-vis as my supplier for my roommates and their commercial proclivities. And I've also automated my protien powder order (5%of in addition to my 5% discount with my Red Card).


Gremlins Attack

Once again the Wi-Fi Gremlins strike. We shall be required to get a new router. 



Signs that the Lockdown End is Nigh

Tonight for dinner, I had to dig into my safety surfeit food supply. I ate the last of my protein bars. I do, however, have one Jack's Links beef stick left for emergency. 

The end of the shortages must be nigh, for I'm st the end of my reserve food supply.

All's well that ends well. My housemate called his wife. She brought over chicken from popeyes. We ate well.

Welcome to the Cash Basis of Accounting

When the economy hath adequately opened and the Cuttings-scare far enough on the rearview, I shall put thr cash that I've been earning during the lockdown via online shopping for my housemates to work. 

In the image PhD An Smith, it's a paradigm I plan to propagate. 👍


King of Commerce

This evening, I purchased via my cell phone Taco Bell for one of my housemates using Doordash on assurances that he'll repay me.  I added no markup. 

It's a good thing that this hood was his first time. On subsequent occasions, I plan to get my beak wet.


Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

Today I learned, via Simle Message System (text messaging) that my aunt's hairdresser's husbnd had COVID-19, my aint ly had her hair done; so, two more weeks of the COVID-winter.  I'm skeptical to say the least.  To my senses, seems mightily like Democrat voter suppression.


When You're Smiling...the Whole World (at Least the Phoenix) Smiles with You

In a show of solidarity, Phoenix Police walked with protesters.  This entreat mitigated the evolution from protest to riot and concomitant property damage.  Way to be classy Phoenix. Looks like the bedlam that befell the East and Far West will passover the cowboy Southwest.


Getting Woke with Alacrity

Early this morning in attempts to cook quiche, the smoke alarm blared. The whole house was woken with a start.That caregiver was not aware of the trickery of my oven.  It used to do the same thing to my mom.


May 28, 2020 (Start of Civil War II)?

Tonight while watching the mess om YouTube (Tim Pool- TimcastIRL), I see riots breaking out across the country. 

I have lost all trust in Main Stream Media. Too many cooks in thr kitchen; Id est, filters 

In the wake of the death of George Floyd. (Minnesota), bedlam is the order of the day from coast to coast. 

White House on lockdown. President Donald Thump called out the police officer in question. 


It Looks Like Spring Hath Sprung (in Multiple Modalities)

Spring in the sense that 'tis indubitably warmer.  Also the Chinese-flu-pandemic born last fall is dissipating. And the subsequent market tumult seems to be subsiding, but not before causing massive losses. Of course, this sets the stage for an upswing. 


Enter Spoonman

Awhile back, one of my housemates gave  me a really nice spoon  with which for me to eat my morning cereal.  It is my wont to periodically, when my supply runs low, buy Giant sized raisin bran from I do it in effort to keep the trains running on time. Much fiber. 

I do, however, use the spoon quite often. Of course, i rinse it off following each utilization. 

I always keep it in my bank pocket,  'just in case.' Never know when a nice spin might come in handy.   In a pinch, it could act as either a blackjack or other blunt force multiplier 


Quite Proud of my Vote

When my Arizona governor Doug Ducey reiterated his decision to stick to his guns and reopen Arizona on May 15, I was proud that I'd voted for him, support him. Arizona, a Republican-led state, is actually following the scientific consensus. Now is the time to reopen, the economy demands it.  More people would die, were we not to reopen. Our society is too interconnected to long support isolation. 


Leveraging My Creative Capital for fun, profit and camaraderie

Mere moments ago, my housemate came up to me requesting that I order him some stuff from Earlier in the day, he'd met with his mother and gotten some cash. I purchased a Tupperware cereal portable container, some concomitant cereal to fill it and some honey mustard to spice up meals. Of course, I took a small commission. In true capitalist fashion, the transaction was total win-win-win.  I get a charge out of helping people, and it didn't hurt that my break got wet in the process.  Everybody's happy.  Oh yeah, the shipment is slated to arrive at my house Friday. 

Once Bitten, Twice Enboldened

So, I think I caught and bested the COVID.  Documented it days later (cf: I Fought the Flu and the Flu Lost) (1/26). Did it once, it was rough but, I can do it again.  It was a tough few days, but I'm pretty healthy, serious flu, but flu nonetheless.  Ready to reopen the economy.

Based on the theory that pent up demand causes the economy and the stock market to act as a coiled spring, I am eagerly awaiting the eventual return to normalcy, and all the attendant adventures .it will bring with it.  Vee shaped recovery, baby.


The First Concomitant Soul Falls

On this Mother's Day while streaming my local church service, I learned that one church member did succumb to COVID-19. 

This far that is the only person whom I am separated closer than the 6-degrees that has been struck down by COVID. A roommate has a relation who has recovered, and I think I had it in January, but am all recovered. 


Retrospectively Viewing my Penny-Pinching Proclivity as a Genius-Stroke (Quite Prescient)

A few years ago while in Target checkout line, my eyes were drawn to their Red Debit Card, discount card.  Upon further research, I discovered that the card works good in-store and online (, which has a certain forward-thinking ring to it now considering the quarantine we've been undergoing as of late.  Free delivery on most orders over $35. On items that are excluded, (e.g. Soda Pop) I ask my up pickup Sarge, (cf: A Few Good Men) a Staff Seargeant buddy from church, to pick them up for me.

The card really helps online.  To wit, I just received an order (5 boxes of Giant Sized Raisin Bran and 2 Party Sized bags of Peanut M&Ms. Wednesday, I am slated to take delivery of an economy sized bag of floss-picks.  Even in quarantine, oral hygiene must be maintained.  COVID may come and COVID may go, but adult teeth, they're forever. Hopefully. The M&Ms were thrown in as fodder to reach the $35 threshold, but I shall eat them irregardless; so, if I have to anyway, might as well... Looks like I am forced to eat M&Ms. Perish the thought.

When the Combat (by MusvlePharm) protein powder I bought from which enhances my workout regimen runs out, I shall switch to Muscle Milk from for the protein portion of my dietary excercise regimen. Oh well...

The government COVID-quarantine response has made a lifelong internet-first shopper/consumer out of this 21st Century Digital Boy. (Cf: Think Local, Act Digital)


Think I May Have Beat COVID-19. hindsight 20/20

I had a bout with the flu a while ago that was so acute that I felt it rose to the level that i blogged about it (cf: I Fought the Flu and the Flu Lost [Jan 26]).  True to my cowboy bravado, I merely withstood the onslaught.  Good thing governor Ducey has set the reopening of the State for mid-May (5/15/2020).  The economy (my bailiwick, MBA 09, WPCarey) needs to get back to business.  More will die if the shutdown continues too long (starvation, lack of fundamental services, disruptions in supply chain, et cetera),

Changes abound, Changes all around

The after effects of the COVID-calamity will have long-lasting repercussions.  Innovations created to cope with externally created virus and internally contrived recession-inducing  economic shutdown. 


Wow, My Bedroom has Become a Church in its own Right

Sundays after lunch, I rebroadcast a stream of my local church sermon.  I utilize my local church's website run through my TV's web browser, or I YouTube the service. Whatever works.  I am regularly joined by one of my housemates.  I like being able to provide that 'servoce.'  My little, local church has a good A/V department.


Forge on for a Fortnight

This morning, while listening toet usall praymy country radio morning show, which is my wont, a governor's message came over the waves. Governor Doug Ducey set a date of May 15 for the lifting of the home quarantine restriction (Hunker and Bunker) decree. .Let us all pray that ths holds.  The Gubernatorial decree, not the restriction.


Think Local, Act Digital

Wherever possible, I've been migrating my online purchases from to Target. com.

There is a Target site right around the corner (neighborhood adjacent). The sales tax that I arm assessed for any purchases will stay in  the neighborhood, the offerings are pretty comparable, I have a Target Red Debit Card; so, that's 5% percent right off thr top. 

Of course, I always have Prime video for TV.  So, I have options, and choice is a good thing. 

Just Because We're in Quarantine, Doesn't Mean We can Slack Off

Even though the gyms are all on lockdown, we must do our own physical upkeep. I am doing 250 pushups thrice weekly.  Id est,  5 x 50 pushups (Tu,Th,Sa).

One never knows how critical an industry is until it is shuttered. 


New Insights

While Googling, data plan usage, I discovered how little SMS and email consume compared to video. 

POSITIVES: I can still communicate with friends, family, the outside world, et al.

I can still check on my investments (t hose apps don't  ear up to much data) 

NEGATIVES:  Can't watch the news (YouTube and like vidro apps consume much data) and the wi-fi went out last Tuesday. 

TAKEAWAY: I must be very parsimonious in my data usage.  Make every Byte count. 


What Started as a Lark, Becomes a Chronological Demarcatior

I started growing my moustache slightly before President The Donald was elected, but I always kept it neatly trimmed.  In the ll of this year, as if presaging the pandemic, I decided to let my tassles go native, eventually to have each tucked behind its respective ear, much like Sam Elliott in his Big Lebowski cameo appearance, quite simply because 'The Dude Abides.' And because a large moustache is a status symbol. 

I intended to let my moustache grow as long as this pandemic and attendant economic ramifications persist and reverberate. 

By all models of calamities past, I ought to get honestly highly hirsute before all's said and done. 

The Day for which I Prepped Finally Arrived

Tonight's dinner eas chicken and rice.  To much of the latter, far too little of thr former.  Thus, it necessitated that I dip into my reserve food to supplement my protein requirements. After all, that was the main thrust of my quarantine emergency survival reserve food stock.  To be used as a last resort. Were I to make it through three crucible unscathed, I'd relegate it to snackage-fodder, but it served its intended purpose. Glad my Right-Hand-Man took me shopping that day while the shelves were yet to be totally gleaned of easy pickin'a.  Pays to preplan like the much-maligned doomsday preppers. The fodder of late night comics and liberal pundits, et al. But my retort is quite simply,  "who's laughing now?"  And I still have untapped foodstuffs. Im sitting in the catbird seat, grinning like the Cheshire cat. As Tom Petty would retort, "Go ask Alice." 

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I'll have it when I need it. 


Steps Undertaken

Heretofore, I shall always have a store of reserve foodstuffs.  I ordered 2 months of food from  Should arrive in 9-11 weeks.  I shalh migrate it with me wherever I may roam.  It shall soothe my anxieties.  I have cereal in the meantime, more on the way.  That should fill the lurch in these Mad Max, Dystopian days.  I'm pretty certain that more company food will arrive soon.  But one can never be TOO careful.

Foreseen Shortfalls

Looks like my Boy Scout training my soon come into full effect.  The house is run on a shoestring.  A while back, I stocked up on backup foodstuff, protein bars, granola bars, beefstick, snickers. However, my buddy has some oatmeal that he had me order for him and is going to share with the roommates.  I routinely order shipments of raisin bran, with another scheduled to arrive Wednesday.  I'm good, but just don't want to leave my buddies in the lurch.

Seek and ye shall find; find and ye shall watch; watch and ye shall blog

After dinner, I had a brain spark.  Remembering that my church has an A/V department, the thought struck me like a bolt from out of the blue, 'Wiseguy, check the website.'  Lo and behold, there was an Easter sermon by the minister of education on the events surrounding Easter (tomb, rolling of the stone, resurrection).  One of my roommates and I watched it.

Wasn't as good as being there, but better than I could've expected.
So,looks like this shall be the paradigm for a while.

Easter in a Time of Pandemic (If Mark Can't Come to Church, Bring the Church to Mark) When God Closes a Door, He Opens an App)

In these times of quarantine whe social gatherings of many people ste verboten, that makes church gatherings quite impossible (because of social distancing).  As a stubborn 21st century digital Dutchman, I gathered with one of my roommates around my phone, YouTube app opened to a Baptist sermon, streaming several pastors extolling God's Word.

Sure it's not idyllic, but what ever is.


Follow the Signs

A while ago, I noticed a white hair in my moustache; 'twas small, easily forgotten, so, that's what I did.  Looking at my visage today in the mirror, i espied my face and in my moustache's left tassel is a long-ish, sinuous white hair snaking its way through my otherwise ruddy/auburn/brown soup-catcher


Season Finally Shifted

I can now once again wear my shorts and not get an uncomfortable chill.  High temperature today was forecast to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually I remain in jeans until it gets into the eighties, but today I just had a feeling in  the air, and when I just checked my phone, it displayed 79 F'n degrees. That's close enough to make me happy. I suppose that's just my epicaricacy.


Changing Debits into Cash, Now That Shelves are Being Restocked

Now that the COVID-pall is starting to thaw, as the house technocrat, I'm back to procuring items for my roommates.  They give me cash, I order items from either or preferably  I am subscribed to Amazon for the TV (prime video); so, any purchases get free delivery, my Target Red Debit card gives me 5% discount, and if the purchase is over $35, delivery is free.  If my roommates' purchases are too small, I bolster them with my own purchases.  Either way delivery is mitigated.


Per Monty Python

The cloud of this pandemic may just be the slap across the hysteric's face that we needed to change our social behavior. The quarantine has effectively curtailed any of my excess spending, id est, forced savings. I'm having to think in a more longitudinal manner. E.g., once this pail hath lifted and normalcy is resumed, I fully intend to resume my search for a wife,  go on some speed dates. Forced savings. 'Always look on the bright side of your life...'


The Economic Coil Gets Compressed

This economic downturn was caused by a government instituted (over)reaction to a pandemic.   To constrain the COVID-19  malady, Hunker and Bunker was decreed, this inactivity caused pent up demand. When the spring doth get sprung, the growth ought be tremendous. If this downturn tracks with previous downturns and I just hold pat, my future should be pretty secure.  That's the theory anyway.

I have been gobbling up cheap stocks while they're low with the dividends that I'm slowly receiving. 


Fires on the Horiozion

Seems amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are beginning to choose sides.  It's starting to get precarious.   Hopefully this doesn't portend WWIII.  All I know is that the world is a tinderbox right now. Society on a razor's edge.


Playing Both Ends against the MiddleMan

I have been tasked with procuring some oatmeal for a roommate by that roommate. In these trying times my role as Dutch middleman garners much value added. In this quarantine era, communication is king. I can get the oatmeal at a discount, and resell it at a profit. The very epitome of a Win-win proposition. And providing this service is a win-win-win. Being a technocrat has its rewards. 


What if Maybe,Just Maybe We are Living in those Halcyon Days Foretold by Futurists Past

Nowadays all that is needed to make any purchase is Wi-Fi, an address, a credit/debit card, and the wherewithal to coordinate them.

Id est, as resident technocrat, I just ordered a couple of pizzas for my roommates and myself.  They supplied the cash, I supplied the underwriting (computer, credit card, aptitude).  Ain't technology grand.


The Price of Convenience

Today the delivery of my roommate's oatmeal arrived.  Sure I charged more than the listed price, but as the technocrat, I'm offering him the service, but it wasn't much and in the age of COVID-19, where no one's getting out, there are few other options.  Take it or leave it.


Things are about to get Dire

When the slack in the economy has been used up, the economy will take a hit from COVID-19. And then the ripple effects will be like that of a concussion grenade. I hope by some stroke of providence that I am proved wrong.  What's that old Chinese curse?  May you live in interesting times.  How apt for our current epoch,  Just hope we live THROUGH these interesting times.


Orders Received--Changes Will be Undertaken

Just a few minutes ago, my housemate brought  me my latest Target shipment.  During this quarantine, Coronavirus-induced lockdown, shipping and delivery services are proving their mettle.  Even after the current kerfuffle dies down, I posit that economic modalities, society at large will be much altered.  I doubt the genie will readily be bottled again.   At least for me, there's no going back.  It's crisper, cleaner, more efficient method.


Smile and Chuckle

A poignant grin and chortle appropriately timed disarms even the most sober adversary.  Levity is a powerful rhetorical tool.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. 

Can't take life too seriously, it'll kill you. 😉

Feeling the Pull of the Fatherland

Today, I received a shipment of raisin bran that was supposed to arrive next week.  Upon receipt and unpacking, I was approached by a housemate, requesting I act as middle man for some oatmeal.  He gave me a twenty-spot; titigate shipping costs, I also tacked on some stuff for me.  M&M's and raisin bran, but only in quantities sufficient to reduce delivery costs.

The first stock market was founded in Amsterdam, Holland in 1602.  When I leave the house someday in the future, I intend to throw myself full-throttle into investing.  After all, that was my primary rationale for pursuing my MBA. My favoriIe course in the program was FIN 502, which dealt with investing. I wished to deepen my business acumen.


Light at Tunnel's End

There is a promising treatment for COVID-19.  Using a cocktail of a malaria drug and azithromyocin shows promise. Once again science and innovation come to the rescue. Give credit where credits due, or friends the French developed the treatment. Hope springs eternal.


Takin' What They're Giving 'Cause There's a Pandemic on, but I'm Still Living

In the wake of the reaction to Chinese Flu, I've turned to online shopping for my foodstuffs deliveries. Whereas I'd normally go TO Target to get my raisin bran and M&M's, in response to the lockdown, I perused, which delivers to my house from the local Target, and saw that the raisin bran and M&M's were picked over and gone.  No giant raisin bran, no smaller raisin bran, no M&M's; so, I ordered some socks (my current assortment of socks are mismatched and worn) and some electric shaver heads (better to have a surplus in reserve than a dearth in the lurch). That shipment should arrive Friday, March 27.  When I perused a few days later, I found and ordered raisin bran but smaller boxes than usual and found and ordered some M&M's (larger size than usual, no complaints). Projected to arrive Monday, March 30.


Took the 2020 Census

As best I could, with the information that I've gleaned lo these months of cohabitation, I completed the survey.  As the resident Technocrat of the house, with the requisite computer/web savvy, I feel it my duty to lead wherever apt, do what I can, where I can, while I can.


Not Enough is Better Than None at All

Soon after I heard word of the forthcoming COVID-19, shelter in place request, I made a stop by Target to do some nutritional prepping.  I didn't go overboard, just bought enough food to supplement any potential shortfall.  Glad I did, for now the shelves are bare.  For now, I hunker and bunker--the authorities call it shelter in place.  Ride it out as the virus (hopefully not) burns through the populace.

I'm minded of the Aesopian fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant.


Per Dexter Holland:Ya Gotta Keep 'em Separated

The authorities tell us to stay at home and respect social distancing w/gatherings (~2m) in attempts to forestall COVID-19.  Many events/gatherings are being canceled.  I'm still dreaming, making plans but they are now being positioned further in the future. For now, I am hunkering and bunkering, head down, while the pandemic blows over.  I'm glad I prepped, even if it was just a little.  That will allay my conscience, somewhat.


Reunited and it Felt so Good

Tomorrow my college brother (we had the same course schedule intentionally for a few years and were cabinmates on a spring break cruise our last spring break), my aunt,  and I are having dinner together. We have much to catch up on, much to discuss. Should be nice. Although, it will be precarious in this time of pandemic virulent contagion. But knowing the two of us, if there's a way, we'll stumble upon it.


Closer to Home

Today I renewed my membership to my local city's senior adult center gym for three month interval (10$).  I'm not a senior,  but if the infrastructure is there... Makes indubitably more fiscal sense than 2$ a session; i usually seem going twice a week. 


Once a Preppie, Now a Prepper

In preparation of potential supply-chain disruptions due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), after today's weightlifting excursion, together with my Right-Hand-Man I made a Target run.  There I procured some non-perishable foodstuffs: a box of protein bars, a box of granola bars, a small bag of Jack-links beef jerky.  That's on top of my box and tupperware of raisin bran, my 24+ cans of Coca-Cola and my few cans of Sprite.

I think I'm ready for the potential weeks of shortages.  Hey if we end up skirting this outbreak, I always have backup snackage.  That's what I call sitting in the catbird seat.  Better safe than sorry.

Just as in economic theory where saving is delayed consumption, stored consumption is advanced savings.

The pricetag on the order was small; so, I used some some cash that I squirreled away (conserving my debit account for foreseen speed dating events in the future).  Id est, savings as delayed consumption.


Waiting is the Hardest Part

Now that I've done my due diligence (done my research and decided on a speed dating tack), all's left is to wait and build up my financial position, do some proximal coordination (dates, times, transportation when the time is nigh).  Having the confidence to take any setback in stride, my present  concerns revolve around finding the best environment to meet a nice woman to befriend.  In real estate, as in life, it's mostly about location, location, location. But I have 9 to 13 week's to think about it, and do research, while I build up my bankroll to finance my speed dating exploits.  Haste makes waste, and i  dislike inefficiencies..

You Got to Know When to Hold 'em

Because my physicality is indubitably more impacted than my intellect and intellectual capacity, I've adjusted my outlook to be more in line with my core competencies (directness, circumspection, strategizing). To wit,  I've honed the compensatory techniques to mitigate as much unnecessary physiological stress as possible. I play to my strengths, accentuate the positives, mitigate the negatives.


Jaunt to the Store

After weightlifting today, my Right-Hand-Man and I made a Target run. I opted to actually go to the store rather than online shop, because what I needed (body wash and spare shaver heads) didn't warrant a for shipment.  I also got some coca-cola, that docent shop with normal deliveries; Id est, coke only ships with orders larger than I make. Because if I don't have enough to qualify for free delivery, what's ther point. Might as well tack a Target trip to an already enshrined rote outing; so, I did just that. However, they didn't have the shaver heads that I needed; so, I shall just have to stock up on my next order.  But not to worry, I still have one, that should tide me over until I'm running low on raisin bran, my usual metric to tell me when a new order is in order. I heed the advice to not spend all my money in one place (or at one time, which cosmologically are the same thing). I wonder if it doesn't count since I shall utilize both Target and  But I also throw in some shipments and prime visio watchung. By dint of the duopoly nature of my spending, there  is no singular monopole. Different service for different products/services. Whatever works. Consumables and toiletries, or associated brick and mortar loci. Clothes and other one time or scheduled ecurring shipments, and of course streaming video, Amazon. Com.


Change of Schedule

Just now via SMS,  my Right-Hand-Man told me that we will be going to the gym tomorrow afternoon not morning. Demos like the payment fiasco got sorted out. At least that is my interpretation. 


Back to the gym

Today I went to the gym with my former house lead from when I lived at Camelback while my childhood house was being prepped for my reentry.  It was nice and pleasantly suprising that I had not lost too much ground during my absence from structured exercise.  Nevertheless, that marked my long road to get back to where I was before I started my new muscle relaxer regimen. 


Won't Get Fooled Again

In a number of weeks, once I save up money enough to invest some, I shall spend some of my reserve on another foray into the speed dating arena.  I believe that's an appropriate tactic, spend some, save some, build up my portfolio on both ends.

That's the first rule of finance: invest first, live off the remainder, you shall be grateful in the long-run that you did.

I shall do more due diligence this time, make the plans more near term.  That way, I shouldn't get caught unawares this time by a venue closure.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. In the words of Pete Townshend, "(We) Don't get fooled again."

I really feel that I'm being 'called' to do this.  And answer it, I shall certainly do.


Like an App Store Cowboy

I just recently upgraded my phone.  It wasn't holding charge/charging right.  It was time. Basically a similar model only newer. Without the glitches. Little will change on mybill.

Once More My Inner Dutchman is Actualized (Synergies)

I routinely buy and keep in my closet 12-packs of Coke and Coke products. I buy them from Target after I exercise on Saturdays.  I use my Target Red Debit card, giving me 5% off the total.  When I bought them, they were on special.  I just sold to a caregiver one can for $1.00.  Win-win.  We're both happy.  Kind of makes the initial outlay to buy the Coke worth the trouble--especially since I am also a shareholder. Win-win-win.


We Must Adapt to the Times

Today, technically this afternoon, I finally succumbed to the sirens song of modern times and upgraded my phone.

It really was a necessity, my phone was not charging while it was turned on; id est., it was impossible for my phone to also act as an alarm. This meant that I couldn't enter full REM sleep for fear that I  wouldn't wake early enough. Things should get back to normal. SCORE. 


Order Entered, Order Accepted, Order Confirmed

I just, mere minutes ago, set up a Target delivery. Much breakfast cereal (running low), some new dentist recommended toothpaste, and a large bag of peanut M&Ms (my dietary vice).  Did it all from my computer. The bulk nature of the purchase mitigates delivery fees.  As an American Dutchman, the exploitation of synergies tickles my soul.  Convence, utility, discount.  Win, win, win.


Ala Kris Kross, I give the world a finger, the middle

When I initially began developing muscle spasms, resultant my brain injury, my whole hand clenched.  Some tension still remains.  However, my middle finger (known in sign language circles as the 'feeling finger,' connoting its utility) as of late is much more functional.

Some of the gain presumably comes from the increase in muscle relaxers that I am now taking.  I kept my level low while I was in school (they made me kind of foggy).  But now that I'm done with grad school and society seems to be more geared to the eighth grade level, I shall be less opposed to letting the fog roll into my harbors.


I Fought the Flu, and the Flu Lost

Edit of a past post... This past fortday (two weeks leading up to January 26th) I've felt the encroachment of a flu bug.  But I always enjoy the lead up to a bout with a foreign invader. I like the warmth. So yesterday I ensconced myself in a crysalis of covers. About 4 AM my fever broke and I emerged from my cocoon and took a shower. My good old fashioned remedy of flushing the virus and its attendant bacterial progeny out of my system worked great.

Back to Patterns with a Twist

The lead caregiver from my old home is going  to take me with his guys when they go to the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays until my house again starts up the gym routine.  Not going to the gym that often was not copacetic with me. As such, I proactively encouraged my lead caregiver to contact my old lead caregiver to set it up.  My one takeaway that reinforces an apriori postulate is simply that Bureaucracy Sucks. Capitalization noted and intended. RedTape is best utilized as a grotting tool for asphyxiation


Ala Freddy Mercury: Little High, Little Low...

Well after the holiday respite, I finally returned to the gym. Went well. Though I couldn't achieve my pre holiday gusto, I did not lose as much ground as I have in the past. 

Firing on both cylinders

After my brain injury, my natural left side strength became overwhelming; so to increase my functionality, so I began a prevent-defense, and let it atrophy through disuse. Well, I've recently begun using my left hand more again. It's tough and frustrating, but even with my nascent entre, it has paid dividends. Easier progress. More alacrity. Now is the time, has been long enough.