I Fought the Flu, and the Flu Lost

Edit of a past post... This past fortday (two weeks leading up to January 26th) I've felt the encroachment of a flu bug.  But I always enjoy the lead up to a bout with a foreign invader. I like the warmth. So yesterday I ensconced myself in a crysalis of covers. About 4 AM my fever broke and I emerged from my cocoon and took a shower. My good old fashioned remedy of flushing the virus and its attendant bacterial progeny out of my system worked great.

Back to Patterns with a Twist

The lead caregiver from my old home is going  to take me with his guys when they go to the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays until my house again starts up the gym routine.  Not going to the gym that often was not copacetic with me. As such, I proactively encouraged my lead caregiver to contact my old lead caregiver to set it up.  My one takeaway that reinforces an apriori postulate is simply that Bureaucracy Sucks. Capitalization noted and intended. RedTape is best utilized as a grotting tool for asphyxiation


Ala Freddy Mercury: Little High, Little Low...

Well after the holiday respite, I finally returned to the gym. Went well. Though I couldn't achieve my pre holiday gusto, I did not lose as much ground as I have in the past. 

Firing on both cylinders

After my brain injury, my natural left side strength became overwhelming; so to increase my functionality, so I began a prevent-defense, and let it atrophy through disuse. Well, I've recently begun using my left hand more again. It's tough and frustrating, but even with my nascent entre, it has paid dividends. Easier progress. More alacrity. Now is the time, has been long enough.