Retrospectively Viewing my Penny-Pinching Proclivity as a Genius-Stroke (Quite Prescient)

A few years ago while in Target checkout line, my eyes were drawn to their Red Debit Card, discount card.  Upon further research, I discovered that the card works good in-store and online (, which has a certain forward-thinking ring to it now considering the quarantine we've been undergoing as of late.  Free delivery on most orders over $35. On items that are excluded, (e.g. Soda Pop) I ask my up pickup Sarge, (cf: A Few Good Men) a Staff Seargeant buddy from church, to pick them up for me.

The card really helps online.  To wit, I just received an order (5 boxes of Giant Sized Raisin Bran and 2 Party Sized bags of Peanut M&Ms. Wednesday, I am slated to take delivery of an economy sized bag of floss-picks.  Even in quarantine, oral hygiene must be maintained.  COVID may come and COVID may go, but adult teeth, they're forever. Hopefully. The M&Ms were thrown in as fodder to reach the $35 threshold, but I shall eat them irregardless; so, if I have to anyway, might as well... Looks like I am forced to eat M&Ms. Perish the thought.

When the Combat (by MusvlePharm) protein powder I bought from which enhances my workout regimen runs out, I shall switch to Muscle Milk from for the protein portion of my dietary excercise regimen. Oh well...

The government COVID-quarantine response has made a lifelong internet-first shopper/consumer out of this 21st Century Digital Boy. (Cf: Think Local, Act Digital)

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