Confluence of Events

Besides the progress on the internet front, I also have progress on my AFOs. My guy in the orthodics game just SMS'd me that my leg braces were in from manufacture.  In ther words of the A-team character Hannibal, "I love out when a plan comes together." Things were still happening during the shutdown after all. 👍

End of My Summer of Discontent Draws Nigh (Hopefully, st least partly)

This morning after eating my cereal, I heard commotion and was told that a line was being run four internet connectivity. That's the hope anyway. They said that fit a few hours ther internet would be down.  I thought, 'a few hours, try thr past few months. At hear, there is palpable positive progress. 👍


The Fix Ain't in

Turns out the cable running into the house  from the cable co's hub is damaged. The repair will take something like two weeks once the digging starts. However at thre minute, the project is bogged down in city permitting processes, id est bureaucracy.


The Fix is in (Hopefully)

Tomorrow a representative from three cable company is supposedly coming to solve our connectivity issue. If the malady is repaired out otherwise solved, I shall be posting more often, barring further technical difficulties. 


The Lockdown Beard

Three days ago urged on bu the chiding of my college brother, I decided to grow a pandemic/lockdown/resultant depression/protest beard.  My buddy from college commented that I should grow out my beard like my moustache. So, I sousse I shall be Red Beard the Captive Capitalist. My maternal grandfather had sideburn hair (he was Irish Dutch American)  I have ab Auburn/ Red/ Blonde moustache. Time iis nigh to see whether the carpet matches the drapes. I also got word that my cousin from California currently in Chi-town is also doing the lockdown scruff. Haven't let it go since high school. Ala Trump, "We'll see what happens. "


Any Port in the Storm

Even with the down Wi- Fi, the orders keep rolling on. I've started returning to fur dinne of my more ala carte requests. 

My housemate, Antwan was in the market for a Doorman coffee mug. Well, it was to expensive; so on Amazon, I found him a black coffee mug within his office range. 


So, I guess I'm a ZOOMer now

I knew i was on the precipice Gen X and millennials (still holding with Gen X), but rather liking the ZOOM function on my tech. Today I used it to have a meeting with my counselor (shrink). I'm asserting I'm still young enough to be able to get most of this technology intuitively, it's not like I'm a BOOMER; however technology does at times pose impediments without the latest and greatest tech; id est, sans Wi-Fi, I was relegated to smartphone, which was indubitably more difficult than chromebook, and also a drain to my data plan.   That's probably accountable to Verizon v. Google. 


Technical Difficulties

My hiatus was so elongated, because the house experienced internet connectivity difficulties (there was a fraying of the internet cable connecting the house to the internet provider) repairs are still forthcoming. So, I shall still blog sparingly, but still more. 

There's Always a Way, Even if Suboptimal

Recently my cable provider has been repairing a cable into the house (still is an ongoing process). As such, they turned off the wi-fi internet connection; so, I eas un able to blog from m my chromebook. However, I just had three brain flash that I can blog via my mobile data on my phone. I suppose this is afn insurance where the phone is more powerful than the laptop. Pr it just takes thinking outside the desk.