Dark day Dawns, Just Hope it's not the Promised Dark Winter

Joe Biden was elected president, he promised lockdowns, and a Dark Winter. Good thing the Prepper in me bought 2 mos. worth of reserve foodstuffs. My Colorado-based, buddy from my college-days also loaded up with 1 month of backup foodstuffs. 📦🤞

By chance that I do not need it, I've front loaded a few months of food purchases. Win-win or more precisely, a no lose scenario. The very definition of the catbird seat. 👍

Not an endorsement, but we got ours on 

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  1. I’d rather risk being called crazy and have to eat some freeze dried mac n cheese in twenty five years, before it expires, than striving against Maude, Marge, and Mitch for the last bag of elbow pasta at the Piggly Wiggly in a month.


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