Setting the Stage

In light of the increased COVID numbers, I'm taking this latest lockdown as a sign from God that I ought presently to concentrate on myself and my personal portfolio finances. 

Ala Joliet Jake and Ellwood Blues, I shall romain on my Mission from God until He directs me elsewhere or tells me, "It is done," which has not yet been done. This is a time of lying fallow and passively pruning, ala the Japanese bonsai tree. Biding my time, being tactical all the while, remaining faithful to the strategy, following His Plan. 

The financial markets are open low the pandemic, most of their inner workings have been transferred to the Cloud, the internet writ large. Diffusion and redundancy are good things when dealing with Global finance. N.y favorite cookies of class during my MBA-marathon was Fin502, investing was my cassus bella for pursuing a graduate business degree; finance has always fascinated me; however, in college a requisite course was Bookkeeping--not my bag man. Much more of the investor, strategist-type. Much more interested in the Big Think than in executing the minutia.  

According to Einstein, the only human magic is compound interest; id est, interest on interest. And I always take that into account; however, no accountant am I. Never was my bag, man. 

When the COVID-ice thaws and I can make another surry into the dating scene, I shall be more equipped to marshal my available resources to go speed dating. 

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