The death of print periodicals

Gene Roddenberry was prescient with Star Trek TNG's  handheld scanning devices and information communication devices.  All of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise read their orders off of hand held tablet-like touchscreens.  Seems as though Roddenberry can be credited with the inspiration for Jobs's ultimate triumph, once the science caught up to the art.


Scents in the Zeitgeist

I'm feeling the traditional Festivus ceremony coming on; id est, the airing of grievances (cf. Seinfeld, sp. Frank Costanza).  Whatever the outcome, things will definitely change after our next family pow-wow, and I'm steeling my resolve; it'll probably happenin the new year (precise schedules have yet to be set).  I will have my counselor there as a support appendage (that's not the right word, but it's close enough to give you the flavor), centering entity.

I will update all y'all as to the progress of my struggle to regain my liberty (P. Henry, H.W. Beecher), and hopeful resurrection (again inapt phraseology, but in the scent of the flavor).


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  The day for me was spent with neighborhood friends (at least by some degree of separation) and family.  It began after lunch, when my aunt and I meandered down the street to the neighborhood blockwatch captain (?), where I munched on some grindage (Pauley Shore's term for snacks, ref: Encino Man, Son in Law) and spent much time with her family friends.  Good food, good time, good friends.


Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage

I really am angst ridden at my current living situation.  The walls seem like they are closing in on me.  I guess it's not that bad; however, the goals that I had when I was younger, I still have, they just  seem to be slipping further and further away.  Seems time to carpe diem to my capacity.  As Setzer opined, 'you only go around once on this big spinning planet of love;' time for me to buy and use my ticket to ride.  Id est, I must muster up all of the administrative acumen that I accrued during my MBA pursuits.  I will attempt to coordinate my eventual Libertarianization.  Truthfully, I've felt these feelings for awhile now; they've just become more peaked.

Coordination of a pow-wow is ongoing; id est, fait accompli, assured, all done except the details.  I know that the devil's in the details, but I'm more of the deferential, delegatory, big picture guy.  My wont is that I set the stage, let others run with it, then deal with and edit the end product for final consumption.  I just don't have the stamina I once had; I get very bored with drudgery.  Per my namesake and author of the oldest written of the canonical Gospels, John Mark, I usually like to get stuff in early, even if its rough and sketchy.  That's what's called in the business community, first mover advantage.  That's my bag, baby.


Political colors or colours?

It is common knowledge that the Democrats wave Blue and the Republicans the Red.  But why, when blue is traditionally meant to represent traditional, nay conservative and red, rebellion?  My supposition is that it all goes back to the revolution (1776).  Since this country was founded on rebellion, revolution, it would make sense that the older party, more reminiscent of Europe, the Federalist party, later the Democrat party would wave the blue flag. Those standing steady, the Anti-Federalists, the Whigs, and their offshoot the Republican party are seen as the rebels.

In the rest of the world, the old way still holds; e.g. France (continental Europe) is blue; Britain is red.  China and USSR were red, signifying the Communist revolution; European Union, the paragon of tradition, the latest iteration of the European Commission, is blue.

Essentially the American Revolution acted as a (-1) coefficient to this side of the Atlantic equation.  Id est, up is down, black is white, cats mating with dogs (gratuitous Ghostbusters reference.) Even the Mounties wear red.

Noted exceptions: Cuba, but that can be explained by Cold War-era Communist Revolution, Soviet proxy-state status.  Also there was the British wearing red on the American Revolution battlefield to camouflage blood from musket shots.

Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive, as always, just whatever was top of mind prior to the composition of my postings.


Miracle (eureka)

A few days ago, my neighbor offered to coordinate her friend coming to look at my computer, which was hibernating, going black, and seemingly short before I could even enter my log in credentials  That's when I used my smartphone, since it was unaffected, to do a little research; and when I discovered that the model of computer I am running is prone to such glitches, maybe not prone, but it's not unheard of.

Well I did the old unplug/re-plug Microsoft cold reboot trick.  That not working, I just let it alone.  I did, however, try it once more, the morning before it was to be examined, it seemed to work just fine as before.

I seem to remember a notice on the notices screen it was going through an update/maintenance cycle.


Cognitive dissonance

I've been having trouble with ear wax buildup for a while now (bells have been ringing); so, I calendared an appointment that my cousin set up for today to get my ears cleaned.  However a while ago, the doctor had something come up; thus, he moved the appointment back a week (which I also calendared).  However I failed to delete today's appointment.  That was the gnosis of the dissonance.  Id est, it was much ado about nothing.  Much thanks to Billy Shakespeare for the line.


One more hurdle jumped

Well the computer I use to blog,  monitor my finances, and email, et cetera,  just went kaput,  that may be overstating it a bit, it's just all kinds of glitchy, but my neighbor called a guy to look at it.  Isn't that how this gig economy works; got a problem,  call a guy?

I seem to remember hearing tales of that's how it used to be. So in essence, we've come full circle.

However,  my computer is just a Wi-Fi onramp to the internet.  Since I've migrated all of the processes I use into the cloud, I can access and edit everything with my smartphone.  I guess I'm now the epitome of what they call social mobile.


Well, I guess that's growing up

Twice a week we congregate at the local women's club.  We do so, because they aren't utilizing the space to its full utility, it's affordable, and to reiterate, it's local to where I reside. In this time, the hangover from Obama's economy, synergies must be exploited.  We're not to the good point on the economic expansion curve (ala much of the 1980s, end of the 1990s), at least we're not there yet.  But I do have confidence that we will get back there, sooner or later.

The 1980's upswing can be accounted for by noting that Carter managed a malaise, which created pent up demand in the economy, which the Reagan revolution released like a coiled spring or those comedic snakes that pop out after a gag can is opened.  And the late nineties can by explained by too much money supply (low interest rates), causing a massive spending spree.

Being uninterested in either making lanyards or basket weaving (maybe it'd be fun, were it underwater), a contingent of us goes to the local Adult Center (retirement center) to use the weight machies, a rotating cohort accompany me, but since I initiated the protocol and am member in good standing, my attendance is a given, as it were, a fait accompli. 

I like it.  Resulting in a subdued euphoria, it gets the lactic acid out of my muscles.  It also pumps much oxygen-rich blood to those same muscles. A definite win, win, win.


The brilliance of Henry

Patrick Henry is credited with the line, 'I know not what others may choose, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.'

Those words were true during the Revolutionary times, as they are during any struggle for freedom, because without freedom our soul suffocates.  As popularized in Good Will Hunting, Henry Ward Beecher opined '[L]iberty is the soul's right to breathe and, when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope.'  A syncope is someone given to fainting spells, or as I read it a zombie.

To synthesize the two previous statements, without liberty, man is reduced to a zombie, the walking dead. So it would seem that Henry is spot on, for without liberty, man is dead already.