Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage

I really am angst ridden at my current living situation.  The walls seem like they are closing in on me.  I guess it's not that bad; however, the goals that I had when I was younger, I still have, they just  seem to be slipping further and further away.  Seems time to carpe diem to my capacity.  As Setzer opined, 'you only go around once on this big spinning planet of love;' time for me to buy and use my ticket to ride.  Id est, I must muster up all of the administrative acumen that I accrued during my MBA pursuits.  I will attempt to coordinate my eventual Libertarianization.  Truthfully, I've felt these feelings for awhile now; they've just become more peaked.

Coordination of a pow-wow is ongoing; id est, fait accompli, assured, all done except the details.  I know that the devil's in the details, but I'm more of the deferential, delegatory, big picture guy.  My wont is that I set the stage, let others run with it, then deal with and edit the end product for final consumption.  I just don't have the stamina I once had; I get very bored with drudgery.  Per my namesake and author of the oldest written of the canonical Gospels, John Mark, I usually like to get stuff in early, even if its rough and sketchy.  That's what's called in the business community, first mover advantage.  That's my bag, baby.

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