Well, I guess that's growing up

Twice a week we congregate at the local women's club.  We do so, because they aren't utilizing the space to its full utility, it's affordable, and to reiterate, it's local to where I reside. In this time, the hangover from Obama's economy, synergies must be exploited.  We're not to the good point on the economic expansion curve (ala much of the 1980s, end of the 1990s), at least we're not there yet.  But I do have confidence that we will get back there, sooner or later.

The 1980's upswing can be accounted for by noting that Carter managed a malaise, which created pent up demand in the economy, which the Reagan revolution released like a coiled spring or those comedic snakes that pop out after a gag can is opened.  And the late nineties can by explained by too much money supply (low interest rates), causing a massive spending spree.

Being uninterested in either making lanyards or basket weaving (maybe it'd be fun, were it underwater), a contingent of us goes to the local Adult Center (retirement center) to use the weight machies, a rotating cohort accompany me, but since I initiated the protocol and am member in good standing, my attendance is a given, as it were, a fait accompli. 

I like it.  Resulting in a subdued euphoria, it gets the lactic acid out of my muscles.  It also pumps much oxygen-rich blood to those same muscles. A definite win, win, win.


  1. Interesting description of the economy. I've never thought of it so.

  2. The song is, "Well I Guess This is Growing Up", by pop-punk boys Blink-182. The album is "Enema of the State".
    Keep up the weight lifting at the Women's Club. Careful with them pink and purple aerobic dumbbells.


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