Roiling in Iran

At the minute, there are riots on the streets of Tehran, could this be the counter swing from the revolt in '79?  Dunno...  I learned of Trump's leadership style in business school: he's a transformational leader not yet transactional; ala, Gregory Peck's character, Sgt. Frank Savage in the movie 'Twelve O'clock High'.  We watched it to compare and contrast differential leadership styles.  I think this may portend good things in the future. This all could be coincidental, but the timing is mighty suspect.  One incidence is a point, two define a line, more than three suggest a trend.  I'm hearing in the aether that the Iranian people are't that sanguine on their leadership, honestly it's just my patronage of  podcasts.  Its my only news outlet in this place; however it was corroborated when I was glancing at newspaper headlines.

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