Time flying, are WE REALLY that old?

The other day, yesterday"?" maybe earlier I'm not sure, a classmate from way back; elementary, middle, high school inquired as to whether I'd be attending our, my orginal, high school 20 year class reunion.  I was of two minds, since I didn't graduate with that class.  But, hey, since I matriculated with the class of '98 for 10 years, I figure I might as well go.  What's the harm?  Two roads diverged in the woods... Can ya dig it?

I tapped a church buddy to go with me.  Sure, he's 5 years younger, but he gets all the references and is more of the X-generation than any other.  Hearkening back to a reference from a little earlier in the X, I thought ala Joey Ramone, 'hey, ho, let's go.'

I missed my 10-year, my mom had just learned of a cancer diagnosis and I was nose deep in business school and my own brain injury issues as a backdrop.  I'm determined not to let any more life simply slip by down the river like today's Tom Sawyer or some Huck Finn fishing by Rush's infamous river. I must then, in Thomas's words, 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light.'

Anyways, now that I got the time, it would be almost criminal not to put it to good use.  What's the old adage, 'leave no stone unturned?' 'Carpe diem,' or in Setzer's words 'You only go 'round once on this big swinging planet of love,' or in millennial speak 'YOLO?'

Time to make hay while the sun shines, I will Carpe some diem.  I fully intend to purchase the tickets forthwith, tomorrow, if not sooner.

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