Cha, ch, ch, changes. The more things change, the more they echo the past

Ever since Monday after Thanksgiving (2017), I've been growing, or more aptly re- growing my mustache. I grew one when I went back to high school, shaved it off before college, grew one sophomore year, shaved it off before business school, grew one third semester,  shaved it off when my mom got sick.  I'm pretty certain that this time it's here to stay,  at least for now. Why do I grow a mustache, when while growing up I always thought my dad's was hokey.  But I guess generic propensity finally won the day. I guess 'tis true, you can't fight your genome.. Shit, now I'm a proud mustachioed American Dutchman...Ala Seinfeld, 'It's thick, it's real and it's spectacular.   I ponder, 'why not?'

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