Familiar feelings a-brewing

Recently a sense of ennui has crept over me.Now this usually occurs just my life before I make a quantum leap in life; id est, a paradigm shift feels in the offing.  After all, that's the point of most experiences; preparation for things to come.  College was my launch into grad school, apropos of nothing.  Id est, they were different fields of study.

Most endeavors are primers for future endeavors (at least in youth/young adulthood).  Much as in a career. You have your childhood summer jobs, your first job, the centrality of a career,late stage career, and maybe a reboot if retirement is too boring.

Well, positing in my youth that it would behoove me to concentrate on doing well in school, I bypassed the summer jobs-route.  After my injury in the summers that followed my junior and senior high school years, I would take one course per session at the local community college, trying to regain time lost during hospitalization/rehabilitation stints.

It also staved off ennui and the inevitable summer slump, where knowledge is lost from laziness.
I didn't do well with idle time.

Back to something more in-keeping with the title of this post, whenever I had idle time was a harbinger of a change.   Id est, that old familiar feeling of inflection has returned.  I feel the itch.

Hopefully it foreshadows good portends and not some dire downfall.  But that happen less with boredom, and more with cockiness when I let arrogance creep into my character.

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