X-Perspective: Directed Human Evolution is Inevidble

As a precept of Darwin's theory of evolution, it is presupposed that animals will breed up to the limits of their habitat/ resources/ predator pressures.  Given that the human animal is the apex predator; per Star Wars, episode 1, there is .no bigger fish. We use or comparatively massive brains and tribal cooperation to out-compete all rivals.

Another leg in the stool of evolution. natural selection, is less restrictive with the Internet and global travel/migration. However, the most abundant 'fit' genes will still win the popularity contest.

Having wrested the reins of selection from nature, man will start selecting for more universally desirable traits. Boom, evolution; however in a more directed form.

Ir's a basic tenet of the evolutionary process that it's a gene race, id est, the ones that get there first, get propagated more frequently and the slower genes atrophy, and die.

This parallels organisms and genetic populations as a whole.

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