X-Persprctive: Every Ending Elicits A New Beginning

Floating down the timeline of life, ala innertubing down the Salt river, as my mom. my neighbors, and myself were wont to do during my childhood summers, something occurred to me: we utilize everything,  past successes, past failures, all capital, all reserve cash, all energy, all relationships in preparation for future endeavors. Past truly is prologue.  And that really is quite hopeful to me. I now realize that all efforts are accretive more than discrete scenes from some choose your own adventure paperback book with all the plot points thrown in a bag, like so many scrabble tiles.  Id est, much like the second law of thermodynamics, experiences can be neither created nor destroyed, the flow of the stream can only be diverted, tacked subtly to one embankment or the other. Life's experiences really are quite bomodal, in a Yoda-esque sense, either do or do not, there is no try.  Every trial is incorporated into the final product.  And that is quite reassuring, that everything I do, even the brainstorming will be additive to my "mission, quest, thing." Just to quote one of Tolkien's hobbits.

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