X-Perspective: On Roseanne, effects, comparisonsn

Roseanne said (tweeted/0 something that was offensive, oh my, let me clutch my pearls.  Bill Maher did something similar proximal the events of 9/11,  and I don't remember quite the same vitriol.  Hypocrisy thy name is liberalism.  But am I surprised? No, I'm not.  What's the phrase; birds of a feather...

I've never really been a fan of Roseanne, but what's good for the gander, should also be good for the goose...


UK shenanigans

A Dissenter, activist journalist Tommy Robinson, was arrested for purportedly breaching the peace.  The Islamoficatiion of England is quite onerous.  Arrested, tried,sentanced, jailed in only an hour's time.  The 13 month verdict is a death sentance, since he was protesting the Islamofascist creeping Muslim grooming rape gangs.  Can anyone say canary in the coal mine?  Achtung,baby; let this serve as a reminder that liberty is not certain in these perilous times.

X-Perspective:Conformity May be Desirable,but as for Me it's Quite Tenuous

I really try to do things as instructed, 'by the book,' at least the first time. After that, my ample university inculcation usually rears its stubborn head and shortcuts and alternative processes are employed.

Mostly that's because I have been conditioned lo these past 24 years of schooling to think both critically and independently, because school is about more than just facts and figures, but about the development and deployment of a mixed bag of processes.


X-Perspective: Second Day

The second day of my internship/volunteer thing was quite elucidating.  I should get my login next Tuesday.

It does seem interesting,though.


X-Perspective: First Day (a Retrospective Analysis or Analyses)

My first day as basically a wink and nod, back of the envelope orientation.  Nothing starts on my end until next week.  That said, should be fun, or at least enlightening. 

My university, collegiate, even high school curricular background should avail me well.

X-Perspective: First Day

In a few hours, I'm scheduled to be picked up for my first day at an internship, purportedly doing computer work.  Well, computers are in the portfolio of my competencies, even if they are not core, I have working knowledge of basic systems, and I am a quick stud; so, this should be fun.

I will give more elaborate posts in the future; after all, this is my first day.  My first day is nie be
But hey, I'm university trained, should be easy peasy.


X-Perspective: Henry V, Act III, scene 1 (kn a sense)

Today I went to the 'local' disability gym.  it's in a different city, across the metropolis..  I had a good session, excepting the fact that I tried climbing the rock wall, but could not. My left hand is still weak from a procedure meant to do just that. It worked too well; lesson learned. But at least I'm gonna say that I tried to scale the wall; id est, 'Once more unto the breach dear friends,once more'

All this means is a delay; I shall remain undeterred in my quest to get back to good.. Just have to wait for my hand to strengthen, the damaging drugs to dissipate from the injections.

While waiting for my opportunity to try to scale the wall, I took a detour to a Target store proximal to the disability center. It was fruitful, mostly because I did my internet due diligence on the products at a more local Target; their offerings are pretty ubiquitous.  I procured Noxzema, for I've noticed some nascent breakouts resultant of dry skin, and also oily skin. Noxzema should mitigate both maladies.  I also bought some beard butter to try to train my mustache; part of it is diffuse, the other kind of flowing like a fu-man-chu should.  I wish to bring them more into alignment.  Once more unto the breach, and away from the razor.

All that is my attempt to bring hirsute back; my fight against modernity and its prejudice against the hairy; but I suppose that has been a trend, ever since our ancestors swung from branch to branch.


X-Perspective:A Step Hopefully Forward

Tomorrow morning, I will be going to the much-lauded Ability360 exercise/training/recreational facility. I took a tour when they first opened their doors.  Looked impressive.

This will give me 3 days a week where I'll be lifting weights, a definite step in the right direction.
Three days training with resistance, cutting the carbs, just plain getting out and doing more should advance the ball of my life down the field.  Stretching the metaphor to its breaking point, hopefully I'll be the 'belle of the ball;' but I'm a guy; so, perhaps I should set my aspiration to be the 'beau of the ball?'  I'll just settle for being me.

And I think I should start having a driver once a week on Wednesdays, which means that I'll be able to start attending this support group that meets once a month, but I'm pretty cognizant that I should be able to find  some utility for egress the other weeks

To quote my favorite bard from my youth:

"Oh well, Whatever, Nevermind. "


X-Perspective: On MBA Heemstra, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love my mustache

James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin, et al. discovered the DNA process for replication, offering a methodology for Darwin's theory of evolution.

In my youth, my dad always wore a big, thick mustache.  I always told myself that I'd always be clean shaven. Well, that went on fine until after my injury when I went bacbrrk to high school and later in college where I'd grow finals beards.

I always thought that the simple mustache was kind of hokey, but beards cause my face  to break out.  However, being an American Dutchman, my mustache grows very quickly, my college brother noted that my mustache would show its shadow by like 3 o'clock afternoon.

The Monday after Thanksgiving 2017, i started to grow the latest iteration of my mustache.  In a Seinfeld sense: it's thick,it's bushy, it's spectacular.  Ala Justin Timberlake, I'm bringing hirsute back. Hopefully, I'll start a trend.  Nonetheless, I've come to the realization that I can't fight my genetics; so, I just stopped worrying and learned to love my mustache.  Ala Travis Tritt,' I think I'll grow me a fu manchu.


X-Perspective: Nevermind the Bollix

This morning, i wheeled around the neighborhood in my electric wheelchair.  I did well.  On my first couple of excursions, I mad small errors. This time was much better;instead of past being prologue,past is a learning experience, past foibles forgotten. Hopefully.

Any step forward is a step ahead.


X-Perspective:It's Good to Revisit Old Patterns from Time to Timetl

While the house was gone getting bottled water for the water cooler this morning, I revisited the local Fry's:Food and Drug.  I was in search of some electric toothbrush heads and shampoo. My current assortment of brush heads are getting slightly worn.  I could not, however, find my particular brand of brush.  But after some searching, I found shampoo.

After a semi-fruitful venture to Fry's, I suggested that we go to Burger King.  After navigating the intersection concrete safety barriers, blocking direct traversal from one parking lot to the next.  There I had a milkshake and some french fries.

After adequate consumption, I suggested that we peruse the local Goodwill establishment, if for no other reason than merely to take inventory of their offerings.  I did find there two pairs of shorts that are just ever so slightly too large, but hey, that's what belts are for.

In more than one sense, and I will elaborate on this further in future missives, mission successfully accomplished, or to borrow the words of Ice Cube, a Gen-X-icon:'Today was a Good Day.'


X-Perspective: Looks like honesty is not always the best policy. Whatever, you gotta do what you gotta do.

OK, so mere moments ago, I received an SMS from my spiritual brother. we matriculated together at a Christian college for 4 of my 5 undergraduate years, we were perennial partners and teammates on group projects, study sessions, et cetera.

After college we attended a local church and were baptized together, in the same ceremony.  I refer to him as my baptizimal brother.  Recently he 'came out' as a Christian Conservative to his, apparently secular, cohort in this web design program that he's pursuing. It was not well received, so I suppose that's the swan song for the grand liberal inclusiveness.  And all along, I gave at least lip service to the notion that 'diversity is our strength.'  But I suppose that only refers to superficial diversity.

He implored me to pray for him, and because he is one of my good brethren, pray for him I shall.  It'd be great if some of my readers did as well. 


X-Perspective: Rationale for My Slightly Unorthodox Diet, a Tale of Two Cities

I saw the other day on a YouTube podcast, Mike Cernovich comment that the food pyramid was flip-turned upside-down.  Id est, when the pyramid was first conceptualized/published (1974), the populace was still largely agrarian/industrial/ physically intensive, carbohydrate energy was readily burned.

As is I'm sure the case with most  of my X'er cohort, my metabolism has somewhat ebbed.  I've noticed this past day that I musts adopt a somewhat Adkins-esque dietary restrictions.

From my biology background, I've discovered that carbs burn quick, a use it or store it proposition. Once upon a time our animal ancestors, needed the stored energy to hibernate, etc.  And over the generations the genetic artifact remains

Lipids (fats, oils) have a triglyceride (3 sugar molecules) backbone and 3 fatty acid chains.

Fatty acid molecules actually contain much more energy per molar unit than do carbohydrates, but lipids burn slower, molecules cleaved and burned as needed.

Flowing from my above tenets, I eat mostly meats and cheeses, with the occasional carbohydrate to keep the food flowing down the alimentary canal.  My carbohydrate dujour is high fructose corn syrup found in my nightly can of Coca-cola.

Full Disclosure: I'm a little biased, for I own s few shares of Coke (KO) stock.

I have some idea that my protocol works for I'm not the youngest guy in the house, but I am the thinnest.

X-Perspective: Always bet on America, on Freedom, on Yourself

Starting from scratch, the first step was forward, any move not in directional congruity with that first step is either backwards, stalled or sideways, a real Hobtson's choice.

A bet on America is a bet against the authoritarian global mob mentality.

A bet on an acolyte of freedom is tantamount to betting on someone who bets on himself, he buys in .to the premise of a better tomorrow.

If you aren't willing to bet on yourself, you will inspire less confidence in others to bet on you.

Bet on the future, for since Man first ventured from his African grasslands, he's always been hopeful of a brighter tomorrow, for if he didn't, what inducement does that give to venture out of the house or the hut or the cave?


X-Perspective: After much introspection and prayer, I finally figured out my spiritual gifts/core competencies

Throughout my life, I've always been kind of lazy, would rather engage in the big think, direct, tweak strategy, write  than plod through the busy-work or worse yet, manual labor.  One time when my dad and I were mucking his horse's stall, I opined that, "Manual labor sucks." and it does, but what I got a kick out of is the fact that dad alwayslway remembered that line.

Core competency 1: Malaise

Sciences always interested me; so, I pursued science, mainly Biology in high school and college, but finding that rather limited, I wen to business school for a Leadership MBA, following my passion for investing, but along the way.

Core competency 2: Leadership

,From an early age, I was always more interested in excelling at the domains of maths and sciences; however, my English teachers always gave me high marks. so, I enrolled

Core competency 3: Writing

After my injury, I became intensely interested in the stock markets; so, at the undergraduate level, I tried my hand at business, but I again disliked the drudgery; so, I went back to my sciences pursuits However, I did very well in my Economics courses; thus, during my MBA pursuits, I did quite well in my finance courses (dealing with investing).  After graduation, once I cobbled together enough seed money together, I opened up a brokerage account.  I took climbing a s

Core competency 4: Investing

When I was 15 years young, my life plans were tossed topsy-turvey, and my fears of being swallowed up by a large State school were palpable; so, I enrolled in the local Christian University.  I figured I could always get a graduate degree from a state school.  And that's just what I did.

Core competency 5: perserverence/stubbornness