X-Perspective: After much introspection and prayer, I finally figured out my spiritual gifts/core competencies

Throughout my life, I've always been kind of lazy, would rather engage in the big think, direct, tweak strategy, write  than plod through the busy-work or worse yet, manual labor.  One time when my dad and I were mucking his horse's stall, I opined that, "Manual labor sucks." and it does, but what I got a kick out of is the fact that dad alwayslway remembered that line.

Core competency 1: Malaise

Sciences always interested me; so, I pursued science, mainly Biology in high school and college, but finding that rather limited, I wen to business school for a Leadership MBA, following my passion for investing, but along the way.

Core competency 2: Leadership

,From an early age, I was always more interested in excelling at the domains of maths and sciences; however, my English teachers always gave me high marks. so, I enrolled

Core competency 3: Writing

After my injury, I became intensely interested in the stock markets; so, at the undergraduate level, I tried my hand at business, but I again disliked the drudgery; so, I went back to my sciences pursuits However, I did very well in my Economics courses; thus, during my MBA pursuits, I did quite well in my finance courses (dealing with investing).  After graduation, once I cobbled together enough seed money together, I opened up a brokerage account.  I took climbing a s

Core competency 4: Investing

When I was 15 years young, my life plans were tossed topsy-turvey, and my fears of being swallowed up by a large State school were palpable; so, I enrolled in the local Christian University.  I figured I could always get a graduate degree from a state school.  And that's just what I did.

Core competency 5: perserverence/stubbornness

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